REBEL UP! Soundclash

REBEL UP! Soundclash

Already since the beginning of 2007 the global Rebel Up! Soundclash nights take place in OCCII, bi-monthly organised by the Rebel Up! DJ & VJ collective with members from Holland, Belgium and France. They mostly specialise themselves in underground music styles from allover the world, from ethnic to urban spheres as a fusion between folk, pop and electronics. Rebel Up!’s focus lies on the rougher sounds from lesser known styles, with the orientation on grassroots traditions and street level hybrids without the woolen socks mentality in world music. In the past 6 years we havealready hosted many unforgettable and wild Rebel Up! Soundclash nights in OCCII, with international folkloric rock/pop bands such as Group Doueh of western Sahara, Omar Souleyman of Syria and Issa Bagayoko of Mali, but also more electronic global artists such as Filastine, Maga Bo and 2/5 BZ and their contemporary sounds. Whether it are concerts or pure dance parties, it’s always a nightly dance roundtrip through the whole wide world, especially in a fitting openminded place like OCCII.. Also important; the Soundclash nights are always fundraisers for charity and the profits of the nights are always donated to small NGO’s with specific and local aid projects in a certain country or region. You are the world, as well as the change you like to see in it.


Friday, Jul 14, 2017 Doors open: 21:00 - Late   €8

No presale, tickets at the door, capacity 250


Saturday, Mar 11, 2017 Doors open: 21:00 - 00:00   €7
Saturday, Jan 9, 2016 Doors open: 22:30 - 04:00   €6
Wednesday, Dec 3, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   €8
Monday, Nov 24, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   €6
Saturday, Feb 8, 2014 Doors open: 22:30 - 04:00   € 6
Saturday, Aug 24, 2013 Doors open: 22:00   7 euros
Friday, Jul 5, 2013 Doors open: 22:00   5 euros
Saturday, Jun 15, 2013 - Sunday, Jun 16, 2013 Doors open: 22:30   5 euros