We are Subbacultcha!

Subbacultcha! is an independent music and art platform based in Amsterdam, trying to spread the word on cutting edge artists and provide them with the audience they deserve. Basically, we are 9 people who hang out in an almost always freezing-cold but warmly decorated office in Amsterdam, where we listen to music and make fun of each other. In addition, there are at least 20 people who don’t hang out at the office because they have actual jobs, but who are generously involved in making things happen, and without whom Subbacultcha! would just be an unnecessarily long word followed by an exclamation mark.

What we do is book and promote bands and artists that we like and think other people would also like. We are not attached to a single venue but instead we organize events in local haunts around Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht, each of which bring a unique vibe to our live shows. This is exactly why we love OCCII. Shows at venues like OCCII are great for reminding us that our heart lies in the dark and we really just want to drink beer while our ears are hugged by loud noise.

To promote shows and art we have a monthly magazine. It’s pocketsized and filled with things such as interviews with bands, our own photo shoots, lots of new music and features with up and coming local artists.We also organize regular exhibitions with these artists in our cosy basement gallery, located under the Subbacultcha! office.

The heart of our operation though is our member community, a congregation of like- and music-minded fiends who receive free entry to all of the concerts, films and exhibitions we organize. Ultimately, this means that when we offer shows to our members, a lot of them actually show up. Which is nice for the unknown but awesome bands who we get to introduce to more great local lovers.


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Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017 Doors open: 20:30   €8
Saturday, May 14, 2016 Doors open: 20:30   €8
Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 Doors open: 20:30   €8
Monday, Jun 15, 2015 Doors open: 20:30   €8
Wednesday, Jan 21, 2015 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Saturday, Dec 6, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Friday, Nov 7, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Saturday, Oct 4, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Thursday, Jun 19, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   € 7
Thursday, Jun 5, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014 Doors open: 20:30   € 7
Monday, Nov 4, 2013 Doors open: 20:30   €8
Sunday, Oct 13, 2013 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Wednesday, Sep 18, 2013 Doors open: 20:30   €7
Thursday, Jun 20, 2013 - Friday, Jun 21, 2013 Doors open: 20:30   €7