OCCIIBAR Sotu Noisespecial -w/ SENYAWA (id) + Apophallation + Gods Will + Nekschot + Atama + DJ’s Duizend Baasheid Wax Society + Kasper Vogelzang (Photo-expo)

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015 Doors open: 19:00   Donation / 5 EURO

SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) is an annual alternative music festival in Amsterdam. SOTU has a passion for genre bending sound and performances – you can listen to noise, prog, folk, improv, rave, bass and electronics.

The main event takes place on Friday and Saturday (17 & 18 April) at venues Occii, Vondelbunker and Butcher’s Tears at the same time.

Wednesday is the opening night in the Occii with an amazing band from Indonesia called Senyawa. On Thursday there is a SOTU Festival Beer!, Bad Acid Mama’s BBQ, a film screening and live music at brewery Butcher’s Tears. Sunday we will close the festival in tradition, with a brunch and folky music at Budapest, and the festival will end at the Vondelbunker with “Zo’n Raar Orkest” and more. April 8 there is a pre-event ism Kulter, with a debate about counter cultere and a big art show with audiovisual performances and installations from the roof! to the bottom of the former squat Tetterode, amazing place.

SENYAWA (Noise/Metal/Indonesia)
God’s Will (Harsh noise)
Nekschot (Tering Herrie)
Atama (2+2 vj’s (^_^)+++ break/noize/core/glitch)
+ strictly vinyl DJ’s Duizend Baasheid Wax Society

+ Expositie Kasper Vogelzang (Photographer, OCCII-expo)

Tijdens het festival Sound of the Underground is er een aantal muziek- en landschapsfoto’s van mij te zien in de Exhibition Room van OCCii.
Kom langs als je in de buurt bent!



Apophallation, ATAMA, DJ’s Duizend Baasheid, GodsWil, KASPER VOGELZANG, NEKSCHOT, SENYAWA

No presale, tickets at the door, capacity 250

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