Tuesday, Jun 13, 2017 Doors open: 20:30   €7

A living outsider music legend, The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of Boston in the late 1970s (and in San Francisco a decade later), playing versions of contemporary pop music on a dilapidated old accordion found in a junk store. Following the theft and destruction of her accordion, Susan invested in a Casio keyboard with a phase shifter and headset mike, bringing a new and otherworldly element to pop music in interpretations that have captured imaginations worldwide.

The Space Lady – ‘The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits’

“The Space Lady, Suzy Soundz, performed on the streets of San Francisco with just a Casio. The sound of her voice is something that immediately grabs you, and her take on different songs is really unique. The songs are mostly covers but you wouldn’t know it on quite a few of them. ‘Synthesize Me’ and ‘Slapback Boomerang’ are originals. She’s the epitome of an outsider artist. One story we heard was that her and her husband tore up their ID cards and lived in a cave as he was a draft dodger. She also wears a helmet with wings on it.”


“Heart-warming, eccentric, and unselfconscious that attends to the fact that you don’t need ego and fancy gear to make great pop music.”
– Dazed Digital

“Bathed in echo and a warm blanket of hiss, Suzy Soundz’ voice is utterly without guile on her Casio covers and Outsider Art explorations”
– The Guardian

“This music has transcended genre, style and fashion, opening up hearts and minds along the way”

– The Quietus


No presale, tickets at the door, capacity 250

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