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Friday, Jun 2, 2017 Doors open: 20:30   €

Žen is all-girl band from Croatia, formed in 2009 in Zagreb. Žen combines intricate arrangements and immersive live visuals to create a fully authentic shoegaze post-rock experience. Žen playfully dissects gender stereotypes and connects the boundaries of audio and visual art, evoking journeys through vocal harmonization submerged in a progressive symbiosis of guitar, bass, drums and synths. If we were to try to define them by genre, the closest we would get is a complex form of indie rock, informed by various stylistic and genre characteristics, ranging from post-rock to shoegaze, math rock, krautrock, vintage synthwave and experimental electronics. A new Žen -album is currently planned for autumn through Moonlee Records.

“…a surprise that will pin you down to the speakers while listening to the whole album—those
wonderful guitar arrangements combined with perfectly blended vocals (…) are closer to Iceland’s
Sigur Ros than to the regional rock scene.”

“They have the groove, the attitude, a unique expression, and they should be applauded for that.”
(Dubravko Jagatić, tportal.hr)

“They create the most contemporary progressive indie-rock, submerged in influences ranging from
shoegaze to psychedelia, noise and math-rock”
(Vladimir Horvat, terapija.net)

“The live performance (…) of these awesome girls left a great impression. Their post-punk/post-rock
sound and coherent material, unveiled the hidden face of a different and better Croatian scene,
outside of the mass media and autistic radios.
(Zlatko Gall, Slobodna Dalmacija)

“…a trip to the Bandcamp page and listening to ‘I onda je sve počelo’ was inevitable. And once I was
there, there was no going back (…) this album is adorned with relentlessness by which Žen ride
through their vision of post-rock. ”
(Emir Fulurija potlista.com)

“Post-rock and experimental movements took the audience to another dimension, engulfing all of their




For fans of: Radiohead, DIIV, Warpaint, Mogwai


No presale, tickets at the door, capacity 250

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