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Five Questions For The Invisible Hands

Cairo based El Ayadi El Khafeyya (The Invisible Hands) play dark folk music, with both English and Arabic lyrics. Four of their members are from Cairo, except for founding member Alan Bishop, best known for being part of the legendary Sun City Girls that existed until 2007.

An Interview With Satanique Samba Trio

They call themselves “an ongoing research on the aesthetical deconstruction of Brazil’s most popular musical traditions.” Satanique Samba Trio is not actually a trio but a quintet with bass, acoustic guitar, cavaco, bass clarinet and drums. Two days before they go on their first European tour, we speak with bandleader Munha Da 7.

Bier In De Buurt: De Afleiding

Dit jaar maakt Brouwerij De Afleiding uit De Baarsjes in Amsterdam limited edition-bier voor OCCII. Zo komt er een LenteBoccii, en kun je deze wintermaanden De Raaf drinken, een stout bier. We spraken de brouwers over bierapps, uit de hand gelopen emailwisselingen, en de toekomst.

Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band

On Thursday 19 November, Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band from Burkina Faso will play at OCCII with their special Mandingo style mixed with Afrobeat and punkrock spheres during the Rebel Up! Soundclash night. It will be their first ever show in the Netherlands and Amsterdam.

Music is Kraftgewinn: An Interview with Rummelsnuff

He calls himself The Käpt’n and writes songs about the sea wind, bratwurst and arm wrestling. Rummelsnuff started playing music in the 1980s in undergroundbands in Germany. But it was his sailor electropunk from the 2000s that attracted both underground and mainstream European audiences. An interview about finding inspiration, writing songs and pumping iron.

Butcher’s Tears: Brewing Art and Beers

Last week the second edition of SL’OCCII In It, a special beer by Amsterdam brewery Butcher’s Tears, was presented. It’s a traditional full-flavoured English-style pale, quite different from the first SL’OCCII Decrust which was an amber beer with a smoky taste. Already a new beer is being brewed for autumn.

An interview with The Kurws

The Kurws are an experimental rock band from Wrocław, Poland. Since they formed in 2008 they have released more than 10 albums and cassettes, and have toured Europe extensively. On April 17th they will play OCCII during SOTU Festival. We spoke with The Kurws about discipline, seeing your bandmates (too) often and the thrill of […]

An Interview with Mdou Moctar

Mdou Moctar is not your average tuareg musician. While Tinariwen, Desert Rebel and Bombino sing about the rebel cause with a quite western rock sound, Mdou Moctar chooses another path by singing for the tuareg youths of today. His revolutionary message is about social topics such as love, education and the daily struggles that tuareg […]

Addicted to punk: 5 years Adrenalin Addiction

It’s just about impossible to love punk in Amsterdam and not know about the Adrenalin Addiction nights. During the day, organiser Bianca Refualu works as a physiotherapist in a hospital; at night, she manages her unrelenting addiction to adrenalin. This year, Adrenalin Addiction will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. We interviewed Bianca about punk, keeping […]

Senyawa: A Bag Full of Lyrics and Self-Built Instruments

© Anthony Tran Indonesian duo Senyawa is Rully Shabara on vocals and Wukir Suryadi on instruments that he builds himself. With their experimental music they combine traditional Javanese music with contemporary free jazz and rock. After touring Indonesia many times, Senyawa played the Melbourne International Jazz Festival and this summer they will go on their […]

Scream Back: An Interview With Spermbirds

The legendary German hardcore band Spermbirds has been around since 1982. How do you keep a band together for over 30 years? And what does hardcore mean to these veteran HC musicians? Marko Korac emailed with drummer Beppo to find out. By Marko Korac I grew up listening to the Spermbirds. They have been one […]

An Interview with HYSTERICS

Hysterics, a young hardcore band from Olympia Washington (US), is currently on tour in Europe for the first time. We spoke to Adriana (guitar), Jessica (bass) and Stephie (vocals) about awkward shows, tour frustrations, and why this is the right time to be alive. When did Hysterics start? Do you remember the first song you […]

The Sound Of Massicot: An Interview

Named after a cutting machine, Massicot is a quartet from Geneva. Since their start in 2009, Massicot has toured Europe frequently, charming many a listener into dancing to their sharp and minimal post punk riffs. They’ll play SOTU’s last festival day on Sunday April 20th, and we got a chance to exchange emails with Massicot […]

Ideal Corpus: An Interview with Fruity Free and MC Kawaii

Over the past years the Marseille duo Ideal Corpus has brought their energetic mix of hip hop, ghetto techno and seapunk to audiences in Europe and Japan, and even further across the internet. In chatting with KNiK, Ideal Corpus’ MC Kawaii and Fruity Free share their thoughts about online music, handsome boys and their dream of an underwater show. Read moreOver the past years the Marseille duo Ideal Corpus has brought their energetic mix of hip hop, ghetto techno and seapunk to audiences in Europe and Japan, and even further across the internet. In chatting with KNiK, Ideal Corpus’ MC Kawaii and Fruity Free share their thoughts about online music, handsome boys and their dream of an underwater show. Read more

Torpedo’s en Geluidsboxen: Een Interview met Theaterstraat

Sinds de oprichting in de jaren zeventig hebben de leden van Theaterstraat een ontelbaar aantal buurtfeesten en demonstraties bijgestaan. Ze kwamen in grote rode vrachtwagens met speakers, podium, gereedschap en een lading technische kennis. Ze hergebruikten spullen om alles zo goedkoop mogelijk te houden. Twee maanden geleden is hun loods op industrieterrein De Heining, aan […]

Revolutions Per Minute: a new sound studio!

English Nederlands Since 2011, Beau Eckhardt and Mario da Silva have been working on a plan, and now it’s almost finished: a new sound studio that is borne out of the Dutch DIY music scene. Beau shows us around in the soon to be RPM studio. Close to the Amsterdam Vondelpark, in the Binnenpret, a […]

Making messes on the page: An interview with Aimee Bender

English Nederlands Aimee Bender (b. 1969) has famously written while inside a closet for years, its constrained environment helping her to focus. She has written several collections of short stories and two novels, has been a New York Times bestseller and her books have been translated into sixteen languages. Last August, her new book The […]

Experiential Viewing: An Interview with Hisham Mayet

English Nederlands American film maker Hisham Mayet has produced films on music from various traditions for over a decade, focusing mostly on North and West Africa. Together with Alan Bishop he runs Sublime Frequencies, a record label that releases “obscure” recordings from many parts of the world. Mayet was born in Libya and has lived […]

Unwavering Kindness: An Interview with Lovers

English Nederlands The Portland based trio Lovers combine dreamy harmonies with danceable beats. Carolyn Berk started writing and recording songs in 2001, and a few years later Emily Kingan and Kerby Ferris added drums, keys, and electronics, making Lovers’ sound what it is today. They’re currently touring Europe to promote their latest album ‘A Friend […]

DIY before it existed: An interview with Smegma

English Nederlands Few bands manage to exist over the course of decades. Smegma started forty years ago in Pasadena, California, when a few friends decided they wanted to be involved in music but not become musicians. Without managers or record labels, they’ve played their experimental music while sharing musicians with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. […]

Music is a living creature: An interview with Dylan Carlson

English Nederlands In the down time between tours, Dylan Carlson of the drone rock band Earth, decided to start a solo project. Under the moniker D. R. Carlson Albion, Dylan pursues his interests in Albion and folklore. Already he’s put out a tape of guitar improvisations and field recordings from around Waterloo Station in London […]

Move through hands: An interview with Versal editor Megan M. Garr

English Nederlands Versal is an international literary journal based in Amsterdam, featuring poetry, fiction and art, with their 11th annual issue released this year. Submissions for next year’s issue are accepted starting September 15. We talk with founder and editor-in-chief Megan M. Garr about Versal’s roots, the printed book as an object, and how she’d […]

Writing songs with Dark Times

English Nederlands They didn’t have any previous music education when they enrolled for a music course in 2010. But they liked it, and decided to form a band. Since then Dark Times has recorded and toured extensively. How did they get so successful in so little time and with so little experience? Their answer, “We […]

Fear No Man: An Interview with Hot Fruit

English Nederlands The three members of Olympia’s young band Hot Fruit are on a post, post-feminist mission. They’re determined to make ‘comfortable places’ for both sexuality and music. They’re not interested in writing the perfect pop song; instead they use music, videos and live performance to conjure new spaces and explore unconventional ideas. They’ve also […]

Full steam ahead: Foton Kuşağı

English Nederlands Foton Kuşağı is an indie band from Istanbul that is often compared to Dinosaur Jr.. They’re planning their first tour this fall and will visit four countries. For two of the band members, it will be their first time crossing Turkish borders. At the moment they also have a week of protests at […]

Golden Time: An interview with Lori Goldston

English Nederlands Lori Goldston (b. New York, 1963) is an experimental cello player and composer. In the mainstream world she is probably best known as the cellist for Nirvana’s MTV ‘Unplugged in New York’. On June 25th and 26th, she is artist-in-residence at OCCII in Amsterdam. Just before kicking off her European tour, she took […]

Crimony! An Interview with Mike Watt

Mike Watt (1957), een van de meest invloedrijke bassisten in de indiemuziek, is een nieuwe band begonnen: Il Sogno del Marinaio. Terwijl hij op tour was in Europa, sprak hij met ons over cynisme, open staan voor nieuwe dingen, en Okinawamuziek. Mike Watt (b. 1957), one of the most influential bassplayers in indie music, recently started a new band, Il Sogno del Marinaio. While on tour in Europe, he talked to us about cynicism, open minds and Okinawa music.