Covid-19 latest news

OCCII is opening again!
Due to the Dutch guidelines for music venues (in place until September 2020) our activities are only with reservation, concerts are seated and with limited capacity.


Benefit Photo Exhibition & Sale – Online Gallery


Presenting Subroutine’s 100st release!
Saturday, Aug 15, 2020
Doors open: 16:00 | 19:00 | 22:00 | €8 (RSVP)

[Underground Cinema] DER FAN (Eckhart Schmidt, 1982)
Cinema | Jeffrey Babcock
Saturday, Aug 22, 2020
Doors open: 20:30 | FREE

Hardcore/Punk Lottery!
Saturday, Aug 29, 2020
Doors open: 19:00 | 21:30 | €8 (RSVP)

slacker, post-punk |
Thursday, Sep 24, 2020
Doors open: 20:30 | €8

cancelled | Underground Dance Party Club | Die-hards never forget!!
Sunday, Sep 27, 2020
Doors open: |



  • Think Inside the Box…Conversation about Culture in the time of Corona

    Think Inside the Box…Conversation about Culture in the time of Corona with Sjoerd Stolk / OCCII. Look m&d iam on 📺… little chat w/ Joshua Baumgarten, singer of the great band The Irrational Library me bit confused ‘cause of the

  • Hatsjoe! #2 – Nicheniezen met… …de OCCII in Coronatijd (3voor12, PolderLicht, Vido Liber)

    26 juni 2020, Luka Schuurman >> Mijn tweede stukje voor 3VOOR12 Noord-Holland staat online! Over de eerste post-lockdown OCCII-avond: ★ SOLD OUT ★ Zea & Oscar Jan Hoogland ★ Bhajan Bhoy ★ in de rustigste uitverkochte Occii ooit. En dat

  • Benefit Photo Exhibition & Sale – Online Gallery

    Many of us are missing live music, terribly. We are grieving the sudden death of concerts. We are craving the quirky, sweaty, crowded OCCII shows the most, but also the really weird ones that probably only 10 people would attend.

  • Download from Podcast Patapoe LiVE SETS + TRACKLiST 13-06-2020

    …..LIVE ★ SOLD OUT ★ Zea & Oscar Jan Hoogland ★ Bhajan Bhoy ★ 13-06-2020 ★ OCCii ★….. June 13 2020 first show after three months silence behind closed doors. Thanks all involved 🥰 Ajay Saggar / Oscar Jan Hoogland


    This summer we will be open for your ideas! Concerts or activities will be seated for the time being until social distancing regulations are lifted, we can host between 20-25 people max. (2-3 different short sets optional). Our stage is


DiSTROiNiT buys tapes / vinyl / cd’s / books / zines / posters / merch directly from our fav artists & home labels and sells them at the bar during concert nights. See something you like, contact us and we’ll arrange a time for you to come along and pick it up!