Binnenpret Klusdag

(message from the Binnenpret…)

Next Saturday the 6 of July we will have the klusdag!!!🎉🎉🎉
Here is the list of things which have to be done:

– cut off the climbing plants from the wooden parts of the buildings
– lower the tiles in front of the entrance of Hoccii
– fix the banch around the tree in the garden
– sand+lak wooden furniture and beer tables
– sand and lak metal structure around the tree in the garden
– fix the metal shelfs behind the GA (the once which used to be there before) and organize all the things there
– clean the gutters
– clean all the doors and windows
– clean the ashtrays
– throw away all the crap which is laying around in the garden
– sweep the square
– bring trash to the recycling
– be happy of how productive the day was. 🤠🤓

Let US know if you have anything else in mind 😉 (please, don’t!)
We meet as usually at 11:00 AM with coffee, tea&water.