THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Wie zijn The Legendary Pink Dots? Een groep vernoemd naar rose vlekken op de piano… artikelen komen uit popblad Opscene (1988 – 2000) door Erik Quint en Cor Gout. Gekopieerd en opgestuurd door Peter Bruyn, dank allen!!! The Legendary Pink Dots vieren hun 40 jarig bestaan op 27/02 met eenmalig optreden … Continue reading “DE LEGENDE VAN DE ROZE VLEKKEN (OPSCENE, Cor Gout)”

Rebel Up! in Peru: Chicha Popular

In May, I spent 3 good weeks in Lima, Peru. Holidays, some dj-ing and digging for old vinyls were part of it, but the main goal of my trip was to kickstart a release project for a new label (name not defined yet, but perhaps just Rebel Up! Records).

Negativland In 167 Words

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F Word Festival Favs

The F Word is back! The 4th edition of the fantastic feminist festival will take place at Binnenpret and OCCII on September 23-25. To get you in the mood KNIK asked the F Word organizers to share some of their own feminist favs.

This Is Supposed To Be a Recordlabel

Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek/Beequeen/Goem) worked for independent record label Staalplaat from 1992 till 2003. In his upcoming book This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label he tells about the countless activities that were involved in working for Staalplaat: organising shows, publishing a magazine, distributing albums, hosting a radio show and

Filing the Underground

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of music blogs on the internet. The birth of music blogs meant a redefinition of traditional music history and the uncovering of previously unknown music to a broader audience.

Bier In De Buurt: De Afleiding

Dit jaar maakt Brouwerij De Afleiding uit De Baarsjes in Amsterdam limited edition-bier voor OCCII. Zo komt er een LenteBoccii, en kun je deze wintermaanden De Raaf drinken, een stout bier. We spraken de brouwers over bierapps, uit de hand gelopen emailwisselingen, en de toekomst.

What if…? #2 By Jiro Ghianni

Jiro Ghianni is a genderqueer artist and a member of the Zsa Zsa Zine collective. His work will be part of DRAWING OUT OF THE BOX // feminism in comix which will be on view at OCCII from October 2nd till 12th 2015. “What if…” is an ongoing series, view more here.

Kasper Vogelzang Exhibition

Last spring we featured a series of Kasper Vogelzang’s music photography from 2014. This april OCCII showcases a collection of Vogelzang’s new work. The exhibition combines concert photos with landscape photography. According to Vogelzang these genres are actually quite similar.

Sonic-ability: An essay by Genevieve Hudson

“Grammar,” says American novelist and journalist Joan Didion, “is a piano I play by ear.” Like a musician tuning her instrument, guessing for harmony, pursuing euphony, chasing precise acoustic patterns, the attentive writer hears for hard syllables, slippery vowels, tough-edged consonants.

Organising Magic

Organising an underground show becomes in many instances a matter of finding spontaneous solutions; creativity takes the place of what spending money can sometimes solve, and sharing is neccesarily involved.


The second printed KNiK zine is out now! Issue #2 is full of stuff, from articles and anecdotes to interviews (Corno Zwetsloot, Hysterics, Senyawa, Spermbirds, Butcher’s Tears), a tour blog (The Lock), a recipe for veggie bitterballen and lots of visual art (Peter Brötzmann, Helena Sanders).

Black Decades and GALG at RPM Studio

During The Sounds Of The Underground Festival, Do It Together (DIT), RPM Studio and KNiK collaborated on a video project. Two acts from SOTU, Black Decades and GALG, recorded a song at the brand new RPM Studio and DIT filmed it all.


[nggallery id=13] Dutch photographer Kasper Vogelzang (Furthur Labelz, started to take pictures of shows because he wanted to discover new music while simultaneously contribute to the music scene. Digital photography and the internet made this possible, because it became cheaper to take photos and easier to share them. In his photography he focuses on … Continue reading “OCCII Photos by KASPER VOGELZANG”

The Price of Protest: Pussy Riot on Non-Freedom

Last month Pussy Riot’s Masha Alyokhina visited Amsterdam’s underground venue Vrankrijk to answer the questions of a small group of community activists. Alice Burke and Kelly Chambers attended the talk and provided us with this report. What follows is a reflection on the Russian prison system, the absurdity of laws that forbid cats to stomp … Continue reading “The Price of Protest: Pussy Riot on Non-Freedom”

Feminism and Wanderlust: Kari Schmidt talking about Femme&Oddities

English Nederlands Wanderlust, existential angst and feminism. A fine mix, according to the new zine Femme&Oddities, that was published at the end of May. The zine presents a curious range of subjects. Like a gay teenager who loses himself in witchcraft, an ode to the afro and a playful nude photo shoot in the forest. … Continue reading “Feminism and Wanderlust: Kari Schmidt talking about Femme&Oddities”

Independent places: A photo series of OCCII

English Nederlands   Miodrag Misha Pipercic (Sarajevo, 1968) is a light and sound technician, and a photographer. At the end of 2012 he did a photo series of OCCII, a venue he frequents. “I’m concerned that independent places like OCCII will disappear, that’s why I photographed this place,” he says. “I have thought a lot … Continue reading “Independent places: A photo series of OCCII”