R’OCCii Weekly podCast @ PataPoe Free Radio

TONIGHT [23-04-2020] TUNE IN for first episode of R’OCCii Rrrr📻 OCCii !!! [TEST, TESTiiNG, TEST] 🎤😷👇 Live Broadcast radio show from an old orchard in De Betuwe🌳🌼🍎… expect sounds from bands that should, could and would have played at OCCII 2020… from 9:00 PM @ https://radiopatapoe.nl/ First Part songs by Covid SS, Willie Darktrousers, THE … Continue reading “R’OCCii Weekly podCast @ PataPoe Free Radio”


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS Wie zijn The Legendary Pink Dots? Een groep vernoemd naar rose vlekken op de piano… artikelen komen uit popblad Opscene (1988 – 2000) door Erik Quint en Cor Gout. Gekopieerd en opgestuurd door Peter Bruyn, dank allen!!! The Legendary Pink Dots vieren hun 40 jarig bestaan op 27/02 met eenmalig optreden … Continue reading “DE LEGENDE VAN DE ROZE VLEKKEN (OPSCENE, Cor Gout)”

Koen Ter Heegde In Conversation w/ John Robb (the Membranes)

Tomorrow [04/12] in OCCII: an exclusive Dutch show for influential UK post punk band The Membranes. [They’re now on tour in Europe supporting Mark Lanegan.] Formed in Blackpool in 1977 out of punk and DIY culture. The band developed a dark, discordant and wild music that was at the forefront of the Death To Trad … Continue reading “Koen Ter Heegde In Conversation w/ John Robb (the Membranes)”

ABOUT THE TOUR THAT WAS by G.W. SOK (West Coast USA, August 2019)

G.W. SOK on tour with ACTION BEAT, West Coast USA, August 2019 — and more, with SURPLUS 1980 COLLECTIV ENSEMBL It’s Thursday, the 1st, and I got up at 4.30 AM. Somehow. Somewhere. In Sweden. The end of my vacation. Took a bike, a boat, a bus, a train, and two planes… and arrived about … Continue reading “ABOUT THE TOUR THAT WAS by G.W. SOK (West Coast USA, August 2019)”

Russian New Wave: a determination to make music

With the new Yugofuturism night coming up July 18th, we asked journalist & Russia’s alternative music connoisseur, Richard Foster, some questions about the band Lucidvox and about the recent developments in Russia’s underground music scene. How you did come across New Russian Wave? Funnily enough in two places: Tilburg and Tallinn. I saw Fanny Kaplan … Continue reading “Russian New Wave: a determination to make music”

Amsterdam plays an important role in my little history: a Q&A with Peter Brötzmann

Wednesday, September 5 the Peter Brötzmann // Heather Leigh Duo will be performing at Occii! Book your tickets here. Your best known record Machine Gun (1968) performed by the Brötzmann Octet* turned 50 this year! That’s some time ago 🙂 Cien Fuegos/Trost records did a rerelease plus a second album w/ Alternate Takes, is there more … Continue reading “Amsterdam plays an important role in my little history: a Q&A with Peter Brötzmann”


Often, while traveling in other countries, it was a small daily detail that stuck with me. Mundane things that are not that important, but were unexpected because I had not linked or ever associated them with the place. Before touring with Hysteria in Mexico in 2010, we had not known about the many Volkswagen Beetles … Continue reading “Wonderland”

Rebel Up! in Peru: Chicha Popular

In May, I spent 3 good weeks in Lima, Peru. Holidays, some dj-ing and digging for old vinyls were part of it, but the main goal of my trip was to kickstart a release project for a new label (name not defined yet, but perhaps just Rebel Up! Records).

Negativland In 167 Words

Experimental   sound collage   industrial   plunderphonics   avant-garde   sampling   San Francisco Bay Area   Content!   corporations   copyrights   copyright infringement   over the edge   Cut-Up   Creative Commons   Booper   entertainment

F Word Festival Favs

The F Word is back! The 4th edition of the fantastic feminist festival will take place at Binnenpret and OCCII on September 23-25. To get you in the mood KNIK asked the F Word organizers to share some of their own feminist favs.

This Is Supposed To Be a Recordlabel

Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek/Beequeen/Goem) worked for independent record label Staalplaat from 1992 till 2003. In his upcoming book This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label he tells about the countless activities that were involved in working for Staalplaat: organising shows, publishing a magazine, distributing albums, hosting a radio show and

TOUR BLOG Urban Grey

Playing in a band means writing and performing songs. In every song, we are searching for a symbiosis between electronic drums and synth on the one hand and guitars on the other. This songwriting process is very satisfying in itself. But the band allows us to create much more.

Filing the Underground

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of music blogs on the internet. The birth of music blogs meant a redefinition of traditional music history and the uncovering of previously unknown music to a broader audience.

An Interview With Satanique Samba Trio

They call themselves “an ongoing research on the aesthetical deconstruction of Brazil’s most popular musical traditions.” Satanique Samba Trio is not actually a trio but a quintet with bass, acoustic guitar, cavaco, bass clarinet and drums. Two days before they go on their first European tour, we speak with bandleader Munha Da 7.

Bier In De Buurt: De Afleiding

Dit jaar maakt Brouwerij De Afleiding uit De Baarsjes in Amsterdam limited edition-bier voor OCCII. Zo komt er een LenteBoccii, en kun je deze wintermaanden De Raaf drinken, een stout bier. We spraken de brouwers over bierapps, uit de hand gelopen emailwisselingen, en de toekomst.

TOUR BLOG: Lianne Hall

Lianne Hall is an English singer/songwriter who started her career as a singer of the punk band Witchknot. She has released three solo studio albums since and has toured Europe and the US frequently. She relates some of her favourite tour moments, from hiking in the Redwood Forest to celebrating Halloween in Vilnius.

Music is Kraftgewinn: An Interview with Rummelsnuff

He calls himself The Käpt’n and writes songs about the sea wind, bratwurst and arm wrestling. Rummelsnuff started playing music in the 1980s in undergroundbands in Germany. But it was his sailor electropunk from the 2000s that attracted both underground and mainstream European audiences. An interview about finding inspiration, writing songs and pumping iron.

What if…? #2 By Jiro Ghianni

Jiro Ghianni is a genderqueer artist and a member of the Zsa Zsa Zine collective. His work will be part of DRAWING OUT OF THE BOX // feminism in comix which will be on view at OCCII from October 2nd till 12th 2015. “What if…” is an ongoing series, view more here.


Wow, wat een weelde. Zoveel plekken waar we weer terecht kunnen met ons programma gedurende onze verbouwing. Tijdens de vorige grote klus waren we een week lang te gast in de Paradox op Incubate, Tilburg waar we ons eigen programma hadden samengesteld. Nu blijven we dichter bij huis.

Butcher’s Tears: Brewing Art and Beers

Last week the second edition of SL’OCCII In It, a special beer by Amsterdam brewery Butcher’s Tears, was presented. It’s a traditional full-flavoured English-style pale, quite different from the first SL’OCCII Decrust which was an amber beer with a smoky taste. Already a new beer is being brewed for autumn.

Kasper Vogelzang Exhibition

Last spring we featured a series of Kasper Vogelzang’s music photography from 2014. This april OCCII showcases a collection of Vogelzang’s new work. The exhibition combines concert photos with landscape photography. According to Vogelzang these genres are actually quite similar.

An interview with The Kurws

The Kurws are an experimental rock band from Wrocław, Poland. Since they formed in 2008 they have released more than 10 albums and cassettes, and have toured Europe extensively. On April 17th they will play OCCII during SOTU Festival.

The Top: TOUR BLOG Space Siren

These photos were taken during our first real tour in Scotland, in November 2011. It’s on top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. We were just hiking in the area towards the mountain (hill!! the locals kept telling us). We hiked some more, climbed a bit, and we kept thinking we’d almost reached the top.

TOUR BLOG Black Spirituals

Black Spirituals, an improv duo from Oakland, plays terrific live shows, and in order to do so practices little. When asked why, they sent us this pamphlet. Catch them live in Europe this month (find their tour dates here) to experience what they’re talking about.

TOUR BLOG Nancy Acid / The Sasters

Efrem Angela, aka Toto Boroto, plays drums for the Amsterdam band Nancy Acid and guitar for The Sasters. Both bands consist of the same two members, but they switch instruments as they change into the other band, which sometimes has advantages. Toto Boroto reports from the cycle lane in between gigs.


19 November 2012, 479 days ago today, I’m sitting on my knees in a happy pile of obsolete electronics with saxophones on either side of me, a bunch of drums, flutes and an organ in a mess around.

Sonic-ability: An essay by Genevieve Hudson

“Grammar,” says American novelist and journalist Joan Didion, “is a piano I play by ear.” Like a musician tuning her instrument, guessing for harmony, pursuing euphony, chasing precise acoustic patterns, the attentive writer hears for hard syllables, slippery vowels, tough-edged consonants.

Organising Magic

Organising an underground show becomes in many instances a matter of finding spontaneous solutions; creativity takes the place of what spending money can sometimes solve, and sharing is neccesarily involved.


The second printed KNiK zine is out now! Issue #2 is full of stuff, from articles and anecdotes to interviews (Corno Zwetsloot, Hysterics, Senyawa, Spermbirds, Butcher’s Tears), a tour blog (The Lock), a recipe for veggie bitterballen and lots of visual art (Peter Brötzmann, Helena Sanders).

TOUR BLOG WOLVON: Chance Encounters

Wolvon is a noise rock trio from Groningen. They are currently playing shows to promote their new EP bother. Wolvon’s bass player Ruben van Walraven wrote for our tour blog about their worst gigs, making friends with border patrols, and touring the Balkans.

An Interview with HYSTERICS

Hysterics, a young hardcore band from Olympia Washington (US), is currently on tour in Europe for the first time. We spoke to Adriana (guitar), Jessica (bass) and Stephie (vocals) about awkward shows, tour frustrations, and why this is the right time to be alive.

Boekpresentatie & Debat over Leegstand

de KRAKER, de AGENT, de JURIST en de STAD De kraker, de agent, de jurist en de stad is een onderzoeksjournalistieke graphic novel. Geschreven door drie journalisten en getekend door drie stripmakers wordt de recente kraakgeschiedenis vanuit drie perspectieven uitgewerkt. In 2010 werd de Wet kraken en leegstand van kracht, waarmee kraken strafbaar werd gesteld. … Continue reading “Boekpresentatie & Debat over Leegstand”

Ideal Corpus: An Interview with Fruity Free and MC Kawaii

Over the past years the Marseille duo Ideal Corpus has brought their energetic mix of hip hop, ghetto techno and seapunk to audiences in Europe and Japan, and even further across the internet. In chatting with KNiK, Ideal Corpus’ MC Kawaii and Fruity Free share their thoughts about online music, handsome boys and their dream … Continue reading “Ideal Corpus: An Interview with Fruity Free and MC Kawaii”


[nggallery id=13] Dutch photographer Kasper Vogelzang (Furthur Labelz, kaspervogelzang.nl) started to take pictures of shows because he wanted to discover new music while simultaneously contribute to the music scene. Digital photography and the internet made this possible, because it became cheaper to take photos and easier to share them. In his photography he focuses on … Continue reading “OCCII Photos by KASPER VOGELZANG”

The Price of Protest: Pussy Riot on Non-Freedom

Last month Pussy Riot’s Masha Alyokhina visited Amsterdam’s underground venue Vrankrijk to answer the questions of a small group of community activists. Alice Burke and Kelly Chambers attended the talk and provided us with this report. What follows is a reflection on the Russian prison system, the absurdity of laws that forbid cats to stomp … Continue reading “The Price of Protest: Pussy Riot on Non-Freedom”

TOUR BLOG: Elsewhere

Katherine Oktober Matthews wrote for our tour blog about encounters with strangers that let you escape all context. She goes to a nudist lakeside beach in Austin, Texas, in search of a photo, but leaves with something else instead.

Making messes on the page: An interview with Aimee Bender

English Nederlands Aimee Bender (b. 1969) has famously written while inside a closet for years, its constrained environment helping her to focus. She has written several collections of short stories and two novels, has been a New York Times bestseller and her books have been translated into sixteen languages. Last August, her new book The … Continue reading “Making messes on the page: An interview with Aimee Bender”

Experiential Viewing: An Interview with Hisham Mayet

English Nederlands American film maker Hisham Mayet has produced films on music from various traditions for over a decade, focusing mostly on North and West Africa. Together with Alan Bishop he runs Sublime Frequencies, a record label that releases “obscure” recordings from many parts of the world. Mayet was born in Libya and has lived … Continue reading “Experiential Viewing: An Interview with Hisham Mayet”

DIY before it existed: An interview with Smegma

English Nederlands Few bands manage to exist over the course of decades. Smegma started forty years ago in Pasadena, California, when a few friends decided they wanted to be involved in music but not become musicians. Without managers or record labels, they’ve played their experimental music while sharing musicians with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. … Continue reading “DIY before it existed: An interview with Smegma”

Music is a living creature: An interview with Dylan Carlson

English Nederlands In the down time between tours, Dylan Carlson of the drone rock band Earth, decided to start a solo project. Under the moniker D. R. Carlson Albion, Dylan pursues his interests in Albion and folklore. Already he’s put out a tape of guitar improvisations and field recordings from around Waterloo Station in London … Continue reading “Music is a living creature: An interview with Dylan Carlson”

Move through hands: An interview with Versal editor Megan M. Garr

English Nederlands Versal is an international literary journal based in Amsterdam, featuring poetry, fiction and art, with their 11th annual issue released this year. Submissions for next year’s issue are accepted starting September 15. We talk with founder and editor-in-chief Megan M. Garr about Versal’s roots, the printed book as an object, and how she’d … Continue reading “Move through hands: An interview with Versal editor Megan M. Garr”

Fear No Man: An Interview with Hot Fruit

English Nederlands The three members of Olympia’s young band Hot Fruit are on a post, post-feminist mission. They’re determined to make ‘comfortable places’ for both sexuality and music. They’re not interested in writing the perfect pop song; instead they use music, videos and live performance to conjure new spaces and explore unconventional ideas. They’ve also … Continue reading “Fear No Man: An Interview with Hot Fruit”

Feminism and Wanderlust: Kari Schmidt talking about Femme&Oddities

English Nederlands Wanderlust, existential angst and feminism. A fine mix, according to the new zine Femme&Oddities, that was published at the end of May. The zine presents a curious range of subjects. Like a gay teenager who loses himself in witchcraft, an ode to the afro and a playful nude photo shoot in the forest. … Continue reading “Feminism and Wanderlust: Kari Schmidt talking about Femme&Oddities”

Golden Time: An interview with Lori Goldston

English Nederlands Lori Goldston (b. New York, 1963) is an experimental cello player and composer. In the mainstream world she is probably best known as the cellist for Nirvana’s MTV ‘Unplugged in New York’. On June 25th and 26th, she is artist-in-residence at OCCII in Amsterdam. Just before kicking off her European tour, she took … Continue reading “Golden Time: An interview with Lori Goldston”

Independent places: A photo series of OCCII

English Nederlands   Miodrag Misha Pipercic (Sarajevo, 1968) is a light and sound technician, and a photographer. At the end of 2012 he did a photo series of OCCII, a venue he frequents. “I’m concerned that independent places like OCCII will disappear, that’s why I photographed this place,” he says. “I have thought a lot … Continue reading “Independent places: A photo series of OCCII”

Crimony! An Interview with Mike Watt

Mike Watt (1957), een van de meest invloedrijke bassisten in de indiemuziek, is een nieuwe band begonnen: Il Sogno del Marinaio. Terwijl hij op tour was in Europa, sprak hij met ons over cynisme, open staan voor nieuwe dingen, en Okinawamuziek. Mike Watt (b. 1957), one of the most influential bassplayers in indie music, recently started a new band, Il Sogno del Marinaio. While on tour in Europe, he talked to us about cynicism, open minds and Okinawa music.

Mike Watt (1957), een van de meest invloedrijke bassisten in de indiemuziek, is een nieuwe band begonnen: Il Sogno del Marinaio. Terwijl hij op tour was in Europa, sprak hij met ons over cynisme, open staan voor nieuwe dingen, en Okinawamuziek. Mike Watt (b. 1957), one of the most influential bassplayers in indie music, recently started a new band, Il Sogno del Marinaio. While on tour in Europe, he talked to us about cynicism, open minds and Okinawa music.