ABOUT THE TOUR THAT WAS by G.W. SOK (West Coast USA, August 2019)

G.W. SOK on tour with ACTION BEAT, West Coast USA, August 2019 — and more, with SURPLUS 1980 COLLECTIV ENSEMBL It’s Thursday, the 1st, and I got up at 4.30 AM. Somehow. Somewhere. In Sweden. The end of my vacation. Took a bike, a boat, a bus, a train, and two planes… and arrived about … Continue reading “ABOUT THE TOUR THAT WAS by G.W. SOK (West Coast USA, August 2019)”


Often, while traveling in other countries, it was a small daily detail that stuck with me. Mundane things that are not that important, but were unexpected because I had not linked or ever associated them with the place. Before touring with Hysteria in Mexico in 2010, we had not known about the many Volkswagen Beetles … Continue reading “Wonderland”

TOUR BLOG Urban Grey

Playing in a band means writing and performing songs. In every song, we are searching for a symbiosis between electronic drums and synth on the one hand and guitars on the other. This songwriting process is very satisfying in itself. But the band allows us to create much more.

TOUR BLOG: Lianne Hall

Lianne Hall is an English singer/songwriter who started her career as a singer of the punk band Witchknot. She has released three solo studio albums since and has toured Europe and the US frequently. She relates some of her favourite tour moments, from hiking in the Redwood Forest to celebrating Halloween in Vilnius.


Wow, wat een weelde. Zoveel plekken waar we weer terecht kunnen met ons programma gedurende onze verbouwing. Tijdens de vorige grote klus waren we een week lang te gast in de Paradox op Incubate, Tilburg waar we ons eigen programma hadden samengesteld. Nu blijven we dichter bij huis.

The Top: TOUR BLOG Space Siren

These photos were taken during our first real tour in Scotland, in November 2011. It’s on top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. We were just hiking in the area towards the mountain (hill!! the locals kept telling us). We hiked some more, climbed a bit, and we kept thinking we’d almost reached the top.

TOUR BLOG Black Spirituals

Black Spirituals, an improv duo from Oakland, plays terrific live shows, and in order to do so practices little. When asked why, they sent us this pamphlet. Catch them live in Europe this month (find their tour dates here) to experience what they’re talking about.

TOUR BLOG Nancy Acid / The Sasters

Efrem Angela, aka Toto Boroto, plays drums for the Amsterdam band Nancy Acid and guitar for The Sasters. Both bands consist of the same two members, but they switch instruments as they change into the other band, which sometimes has advantages. Toto Boroto reports from the cycle lane in between gigs.


19 November 2012, 479 days ago today, I’m sitting on my knees in a happy pile of obsolete electronics with saxophones on either side of me, a bunch of drums, flutes and an organ in a mess around.

TOUR BLOG WOLVON: Chance Encounters

Wolvon is a noise rock trio from Groningen. They are currently playing shows to promote their new EP bother. Wolvon’s bass player Ruben van Walraven wrote for our tour blog about their worst gigs, making friends with border patrols, and touring the Balkans.

TOUR BLOG: Elsewhere

Katherine Oktober Matthews wrote for our tour blog about encounters with strangers that let you escape all context. She goes to a nudist lakeside beach in Austin, Texas, in search of a photo, but leaves with something else instead.