Wednesday, May 20, 2020 | Doors open: 20:30 | €8/10


Sunburned returns to the NL for the first time since 2008, in full-force, and will be bringing the HEAT. Sunburned has a new record out soon (February 2020) on Cardinal Fuzz.
Tags: devotional, far out, freak, garage, kraut, prog, psychedelic
FFO: Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, No Neck Blues Band.

The real high and heavy returns to Amsterdam for the first time in more than a decade, as Western Massachusetts’ trouble troupe Sunburned Hand of the Man convene for a one-night stand at OCCii. A wildly versatile and prolific collective, Sunburned navigate many modes of total freedom. With flow itself at the core, they readily invent epic psych rock jams, issue alien rants atop laid back funks, and digress into the abstract fluidly. Over two decades the group has continually shifted shape, expanding and contracting, always picking up steam. For this mid-winter heat-up, Sunburned will be comprised of: John Godbert (Skullflower, Vibracathedral Orchestra) / Shannon Ketch / John Moloney (Chelsea Light Moving, Shit Spangled Banner) / Mark Perretta (Deluxx Folk Implosion) / Robert Thomas (Dalthom) / Ron Schneiderman. Bring another head, and slip under the counter culture.

Since 1996, Sunburned Hand of the Man has been operating as one of the USA’s premier underground psych bands and performance art groups. Sunburned has played hundreds of performances in all over North America & Europe and has had the honour of sharing the stage with many of their influences and peers (Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Nurse With Wound, Dinosaur Jr, No Neck Blues Band, Vibracathedral Orchestra,The Believers, Circle, Sunn 0))), Michael Hurley, Boredoms, Mission of Burma, Wolf Eyes, Fourtet, Acid Mother’s Temple, Comets on Fire, Six Organs of Admittance & Jack Rose). Sunburned’s sound mixes head-melting acid rock, industrial pump, thug hardcore, tweaked electronics & tapes, music concrete, spoken word, live sculpture, film & surrealist theatre. Sunburned thrives in any kind of performance situation, clubs, festivals, galleries, live film scores, and whatever else happens their way.

Poster by Sarah Gibbons with art by Jacy Webster and Ron Schneiderman

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2020 album from nebulous free-rock collective out of Massachusetts, Sunburned Hand of the Man. Eclectic and essential as ever, ‘Headless’ is a crucial entry to Sunburned’s wildly prolific and shamanic catalogue.

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John Godbert, John Moloney, Mark Perretta, Robert Thomas, Ron Schneiderman, Shannon Ketch, SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN