Friday, February 27, 2015   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 21:00
Damage: €6

“Thanks to the amazing KRAAK FESTIVAL (March 7, Belgium) Kraus is touring Europe for the first time, combined with Floris Vanhoof’s wonderful world of well sounding electronics and projected lights”


“Fuzz guitars, homemade synths, monolithic drums and bamboo flutes beam in from a parallel universe where the ancient past collides with the far-out future. Leaving his home country for the first time, legendary New Zealand instrumentalist Kraus collapses space and time with a combination of psychedelic noise rock, freakish analogue electronics, and a wide range of exotic weirdness from Renaissance lute ballads to wiry Far-Eastern strings.”
“Marijn Verbiesen, organiser of the MIMA concert series in Rotterdam, will play drums on select Kraus concerts.”


“Interior Castle” on Moniker Records (Chicago, USA):

“Kraus – Eat, It Is Good” video directed by Ducklingmonster:


Floris Vanhoof

For this tour the boundary is between image and light is explored by a hybrid form of 4 flickering slide projectors and a homemade modular synthesizer.
In the words of Cezanne: “To show the process of seeing, not just the results.”
Persistence of vision is investigated by musical rhythms that are played synchronous or asynchronous with image sequences.
By searching for sound waves and extreme photographic enlargements, the illusion is generated that we “enter the head” of the projected portraits.



on Kraak, Shelter Press and Ultra Eczema:


aka Manuel Padding from The Hague

City Hands is Manuel Padding, tot 2008 naast Zeloot organisator en zeefdrukker van Helbaard, het podium voor experimentele muziek, film en het gesproken woord. City Hands is het solo project van Manuel, dichter, audio en visuele creatuur van moderne psychedelica. Door middel van onder andere cassettes, effecten, fluit, woorden en objecten zoekt hij elke keer weer een nieuwe manier om je de restruimtes van het bekende te laten ervaren. Naast het organiseren van concerten, voordrachten en events in de spelonken van Den Haag, runt hij ook het tape-label Silver Ghosts.

CityHands (1)

KRAAK sets up concerts and puts out records. We focus on off-stream left field avant-garde and deconstructed pop music.