Virginities // Hey Honey: enjoy the two last contributions of the festival-a-matter-of-indigestions

a film by Ivan Cheng initially intended as a live performance, and a multimedia essay by Klasien van de Zandschulp.

Finally, we’re also eager to share the archive of the festival, which includes video and photo documentation, online contributions, written and visual essays, and a sound piece. Follow the LINK.


by Ivan Cheng

Biased with a criticality to a notional ‘first time’, Virginities was written as a filmed performance situation by Ivan Cheng. Interested in the act of renegotiating value in subcultural space, the work is structured as a voiceover, two monologues and a dialogue; blurring the body’s status as linked to fixed subjectivity, and invoking the parallels of possession in relationships and real estate. Virginities was written to be filmed in continuous takes before a live audience at OCCII, one of the few remaining venues for underground music in Amsterdam. The audience was absent due to a shift in health regulations two days before the scheduled performance, but this video registration remains largely faithful to the intended structure.