OCCII is looking for new interns for September 2022 onwards We have a spot for students with a background in;

– Social/Cultural Worker

– Marketing+Social Media

– Sound engineer

– Event Producer

Regardless of your studies you will join our small and largly volunteer run organization helping out in all fields or focusing on one specific task or field like social media. From sept-dec we will be focusing on our 30 year anniversary and there is lot’s of room to initiate ideas or join in on the festiviteies we are planning.OCCII is very flexible as an organization, so if you have something else to bring in, we’d love to hear! We expect interns to also be available in the evenings or weekends during our events when needed. An internship should be a win–win situation, that is why OCCII asks interns to also contribute their own ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, while remaining true to OCCII’s non-commercial DIY character.


Connect with before July 11th

Feel free to share this message in your network – much appreciated!