BLOEDLiP- S/T – 7″ Vinyl


BLOEDLiP – S/T – 7″ Single

Black Vinyl, hand stamped inner sleeve. Limited Edition, No Repress!



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Black Vinyl 7″ Single (45rpm).

Label: OCCII, Amsterdam – OCC 2021, Way Back When Records, Darcy Trash Records

Geschreven, gespeeld, opgenomen en gemixt door Bloedlip. Alle opbrengsten gaan naar de OCCII

Ltd edition of 250 copy’s pressed in Leeuwarden, by DEEPGROOVES.

BLOEDLIP (7″ by Darcytrash Records)
I recently pondered the history of punk music in The Netherlands, from 1976 to 1982. Online some people mocked me for being not interested in hardcore punk, which arrived by way of Dead Kennedys in 1982 in The Netherlands. That caused a break in punk history. Hardcore still lives on. That said, Bloedlip (bloody lip) isn’t your standard hardcore punk band. Ha! If only I had a clue what hardcore is these days. I can see some references between the speed, honesty and brutality of Bloedlip and some of the 7″ records that I had when I was 16. Nitwitz and De Straks, or Outlawz, Pistache BV and Vaccum – although the latter used a drum machine. Amsterdamned and Frites Modern. Stop! Is this a show-off? I know many old Dutch punk bands? Bloedlip concerns itself with modern subjects, such as Black Lives Matter, the soup kitchen, animal rights and more introspective themes loneliness and boredom. Twelve songs on 45rpm in about half that time. Perhaps because I have played more punk in the last year than in the ten years before, I enjoy this 2022 Dutch punk update a lot? Who knows! And with a full-colour cover; who had one of those back then?

(FdW) Vital Weekly 1322

Kunstwerk door Roy

ThnxXx : Drukkerij Kaboem Amsterdam & Helaas ook Pauper.




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