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  • Different Interpretations of Punk: Los Crudos / Boycot / Generation Decline

    Punk, Anarcho-punk, Hardcore, D-beat, Crustpunk, Powerviolence, Fastcore, Grindcore. Just some labels people use for different interpretations of punk. Different styles and mostly somewhat different scenes. Let’s shine a light on the bands the bands that are gonna share the stage at OCCII on August 4, 2016.

  • This Is Supposed To Be a Recordlabel

      Frans de Waard (Kapotte Muziek/Beequeen/Goem) worked for independent record label Staalplaat from 1992 till 2003. In his upcoming book This Is Supposed To Be A Record Label he tells about the countless activities that were involved in working for Staalplaat: organising shows, publishing a magazine, distributing albums, hosting a radio show and

  • Five Questions For The Invisible Hands

    Cairo based El Ayadi El Khafeyya (The Invisible Hands) play dark folk music, with both English and Arabic lyrics. Four of their members are from Cairo, except for founding member Alan Bishop, best known for being part of the legendary Sun City Girls that existed until 2007.

  • Classic Mics and Blown Up Amps: OCCII’s Sound Equipment

    Assembled throughout the years, OCCII’s amps, mixers, microphones, turntables and speakers together are able to produce a great sound. Yet, much of the equipment is aging rapidly. A little insight into OCCII’s precarious sound situation. 

  • TOUR BLOG Urban Grey

      Playing in a band means writing and performing songs. In every song, we are searching for a symbiosis between electronic drums and synth on the one hand and guitars on the other. This songwriting process is very satisfying in itself. But the band allows us to create much more.

  • When the Show Starts: An Interview With Vrankrijk and OCCII Sound Engineer Gary

    For the past twenty three years Gary has been doing sound in venues from The 13th Note in Glasgow to De Groote Weiver in Wormerveer, and the Vrankrijk and OCCII in Amsterdam. He explains the hardships of organising underground shows, the thrill of hearing the first song of a show, and queer nights in Amsterdam.

  • Filing the Underground

    2016 marks the tenth anniversary of music blogs on the internet. The birth of music blogs meant a redefinition of traditional music history and the uncovering of previously unknown music to a broader audience.

  • An Interview With Satanique Samba Trio

    They call themselves “an ongoing research on the aesthetical deconstruction of Brazil’s most popular musical traditions.” Satanique Samba Trio is not actually a trio but a quintet with bass, acoustic guitar, cavaco, bass clarinet and drums. Two days before they go on their first European tour, we speak with bandleader Munha Da 7.

  • Bier In De Buurt: De Afleiding

    Dit jaar maakt Brouwerij De Afleiding uit De Baarsjes in Amsterdam limited edition-bier voor OCCII. Zo komt er een LenteBoccii, en kun je deze wintermaanden De Raaf drinken, een stout bier. We spraken de brouwers over bierapps, uit de hand gelopen emailwisselingen, en de toekomst.