Frequently Asked Questions



How can I get a ticket to a show?

You can buy a ticket online via our website using Paypal, iDeal or Creditcard. You do not have to print your ticket, simply mention your Booking ID number or your name when you arrive.

We strongly advise you to make an online reservation beforehand, however if the event is not sold out online, you can buy a ticket at the door.

How do I keep up to date with the OCCII and its program?

You can subscribe to our newsletter in the menu button on the right side of our page (“newsletter”), or keep a close eye on our website!

Do you have a cloak room or lockers to store my (valuable) belongings?

We do not provide lockers or a manned cloak room, please leave your valuables at home. Using our public cloakrooms is at your own risk. OCCII is not accountable for any cases of loss, damage or theft.

I have a ticket to one of your events but can not make it, can I cancel it and get a refund?

You can not cancel your ticket for a refund, you can try selling it to someone (note: Ticketswap does not work for our tickets)

How do I get to OCCII?

Our address is Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075 XL. That is directly oposite of the sout entrance to the Vondelpark.

You can find more detailed directions here

Can I park near OCCII?

Parking spots are both scarce and expensive, but you can.

Accessibility of OCCII

OCCII is wheelchair accessible and there is an disabled toilet. If for medical reasons you need a concert seat, we will be happy to arrange one for you. If you need companion to visit OCCII your companion can get in for free and does not need to buy an ticket.

Do you have doubts about your visit to OCCII? Send us an email in advanced via info(@) so we can see what can be done.

What times do the events start and finish?

The length of a concert is determined by the artist, so we cannot indicate an end time for concerts. Most of the time live performances are over before 00.00. We communicate the start times of events via website and facebook.

Can I pay with PIN/Card?

Yes, this is possible as of september 2021. However, having cash = best. Most artists will sell their merch cash not by card.

Do you sell earplugs?

Yes, we sell basic single use earplugs at the bar. It is very important to protect your ears at loud concerts. We advice you to bring good hearing protection yourself. Note that OCCII is not accountable or responsible for hearing damage.

I lost something!

Bummer! Send us an e-mail info(@) as soon as you find out and we will let you know if it is found and when you can pick it up.

Suggestion, complaint or compliments?

Send your feedback to contact(@) We are very keen on a correct handling of complaints. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to first discuss the situation internally before we can send you an answer. We aim to send a personal response within 10 days.

Why does the building look like it does? 

Read more about the history of the building on the website of Binnenpret, this blogpost we wrote and this article by ArchiHis.

Press: can I take pictures, can I get on the guestlist for a show?

Please get in touch with us first pers(@) This is only possible in consultation with the promoter or programmer of the specific event you are interested in.

What is your Code of Conduct?

We are currently working on a new Code of Conduct, in the meantime you can read our House Rules here


How does OCCII organize and program their events?

DIY! Read more here

What do I need to arrange when organizing at OCCII?

You will need to take care of promoting the event: for example write a small promo-text to promote, design a poster or flyer, print it and spread it around. Next to that on the evening of the event you will need to have people that want to volunteer at the bar, door or sound & light. You can cook at OCCII for the artists and crew (our kitchen is vegan!). If you have no experience with this, OCCII can help and guide you in this process.

What does OCCII arrange?

We will promote your event online on our website and Social Media. You can use our kitchen to cook, we can provide a basic backline, help with finding volunteers. Next to that we have a small budget per event for promotion (poster printing) and groceries for dinner. We have drink coupons for artists. Furthermore, we have the option to accommodate max 7 persons and have one parking space available for a car or van. All these details will all be discussed with your contact person.

Can I rent OCCII?

When the program proposal fits our ethos and if it is a public event, this is possible. For example, if you want to organize an album release for your band or use our stage to showcase a funded project. However, we do not rent out our space for private parties such as birthdays or anniversaries. Please read the information about organizing here and contact us at event(at) to share your plan in detail. We will get in touch with you shortly after.

What does the room look like and how many people can it hold?

We have a maximum capacity of 250 people. Pictures and dimensions of the room can be found here

What are the technical specifications, and do you have a backline?

You can find this information here

Where can I find your logo to include in my artwork?

You can find this here

I have a band, how can I perform at OCCII?

Read more about that here before you contact us via music(@)


How can I join OCCII as a volunteer?

Super cool! Read more here

How can I contribute to the program of OCCII?

There are many options but it might differ a little to other venues. Read more here

Can I do my internship at OCCII?

Yes! You can contact sandra(@)
We have a spot for Social Work interns: you will join our organization and help out in all fields (administration, production, marketing), so you will get a good feel of all aspects that come into plat at small-scale DIY venues. Note: speaking/writing Dutch and English on a professional level is a plus but not a must.

We also have an spot for sound engineers that need to do an internship for their studies.

There is compensation available.  Obviously the hours will be flexible. We also expect you to be available in the evenings or weekends during our events (a few times a month)

An internship should be a win–win situation, that is why OCCII asks interns to contribute their own ideas also. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity, while remaining true to OCCII’s non-commercial DIY character.

Please note: full time internships are hard for us to accommodate and current openings will be announced in the section “news” or via our Social Media, if there is no call out it is safe to assume we have already found interns for the current or upcoming semester!

How can I support OCCII if I don’t have time to volunteer, or am not in Amsterdam?

By visiting concerts, you support the bands and us! If you are not able to attend shows you can make a donation, or buy merch or music from our distro; all forms of support are welcome and valuable! OCCII has an ANBI status, which means donations to OCCII can be used as a tax benefit.