New Wallpaper by John Moloney

YES ! we have new wallpaper !

John William Moloney has played OCCII more then a couple times. Both with his freakgroup Sunburned Hand of the Man and Thurston Moore‘s Chelsea Light Moving. We are delighted he made our colourful new wallpaper, a mix of his drawings and old school photography.
You bet your culo we are still celebrating 25 years of OCCII so get it down to our church of culture to be converted. You can find us on Amstelveenseweg 134 (SouthExit VondelPark) and this month we have Luka Prod Guindo from Bamako Mali, Aşıq Nargilə from Tbilisi Georgia, Krudas Cubensi (queer Afro-Cuban Hip Hop) from Havana, an evening of ÉéélektroRobics, punk, harsh noise and SO much more !

Balkan Beat Bar ft. Job & Janfie (Amsterdam Klezmer Band) // ★ Luka Productions (Mali★SahelSounds) ★ Rebel Up! DJs ★ // SPELLBOUND Nov 2017 // Los Muertos Swap Party // ★ Vorvañ (RU) ★ The Flesh ★ // ★ Aşıq Nargile ★ Howie Reeve ★ Rebetika ★ DJ De Boer ★ // The Tide__De Vloed w/ Internazionale / Isorinne / Sequences +3 // Éééh Lektro (with ElektroRobics)