From 24 July until 11 August OCCII will be under construction.
Small repairs here and there, some stuff needs to get painted, etc.
OCCII can use lots of helping hands! 🙂

We are especially looking for plumbers, electricians, carpenters & painters.
There is plenty to do for everyone, even if you’re not a super “do it yourself” person.
The working days are from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to +/-17:00.
If you want to help please mail to or let us know by Facebook if you would like to help us out during the summer break to make OCCII shine again!

What do you get in return?
• There will be lunch, and while working there will be plenty of coffee/tea/juice.
• After a hard day of work there is al ways the well deser ved 17:00 beer (or something non-alcoholic)!
• And of course the eternal fame!

TO DO LIST (sorted by kind of work):
• Ventilation grille at the top of refrigera tor in the kitchen.
• Another sound proof door in the hall way next to the sta ge.
• Hanging up the last 2 sound panels.
• Make shelves in the technical room, so we can store stuff nicely .
• Make a display/merchandise-corner (record/zine/poster cra te & OCCII t-shirts).
• Skirting boards/kick pla tes in the toilet.
• Repare sliding door in men’ s toilet.
• Repair the front door.
Paint work:
• Stage needs to be painted two times.
• Paint the upstairs floor two times.
• In the smoking area the dirty foot prints on the wall need t o be painted.
• Paint the bar two times.
• All the black paint can use one layer in OCCII.
• New plugs for the kitchen boiler (if leaka ge is fixed).
• Make a TL/work light at bar, so you can see when c leaning.
• Dust off and c lean all the equipment.
• Solder the cables.
• Check the emergency lighting and esca pe route lights, possibly replace the light.
• The led lights in the windo ws, replace or fix it.
• Make a new alarm light.
• New sink in the ladies toilet.
• Fix the tap in the men’s toilet.
• Repair gooseneck undernea th sink, it’s leaking.
Other jobs:
• Hole in the wall between sta ge and backstage – sound proofing.
• New ventila tion for cooling channel amplifier.
• Ventilation in hall makes too much noise, figure out why & ho w to fix it.
• New refrigera tors at the bar, large cell repair.
Cleaning up:
• Clean the front door of OCCII, with a hose.
• All the drains.
• All the vents.
• The whole OCCII…. 😉
Thanx a lot in advance!
TO DO LIST (sorted by location):
• Floor needs a paint job.
• Cabinets storing/re-layout.
• Build a vent in the kitchen so the refrigera tor can get rid of the hea t.
• Repair gooseneck undernea th sink, it’s leaking.
• Boiler repair, new plug.
• Paint stairs.
• Update painted walls.
• Make soundproof door.
• Check hole in wall between venue and loft.
• Move amplifier ventila tion.
• Build/keep/organise free space for musical instruments.
• Display/merchandise-corner (record/zine/poster cra te & OCCII t-shirts).
• Refrigerator sealing (magnetic strips), or new doors or new fridge?
• Big walk in fridge door hinge, broken?
• Replace defective bevera ge holders.
• Make an alarm light.
• Stage needs two layers of varnish.
• Close hole in wall on sta ge.
• Paint the benches along the wall black.
Technology / Equipment:
• Technique corner set up a gain/all technique & electricity in this cabinet.
• Clean ever ything by blowing out using air.
• Repair cables and other equipment if needed.
• Retrace wha t group for esca pe route designation is.
• Box/buttons fire money panel.
• Emergency lighting & esca pe route lights
• Skirting boards/kick pla tes on the outside wall (for c leaning).
• Repare sliding door in men’ s toilet.
• Redo the wallpa per in the men’s toilet.
• Fix the tap in the men’s toilet.
• New sink in the ladies toilet.