AY (bxl/it, Daniele Martini + Marco Di Gasbarro, Fabiano Marcucci of Squartet) + PUMPORGAN

Thursday, Mar 20, 2014 | Doors open: 20:30 | € 6

is a threepiece band formed by Brussels based saxophonist Daniele Martini, drummer Marco Di Gasbarro and bassist Fabiano Marcucci, originated when they met at a doublebill with their respective bands, Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics and Squartet.
The three have created a Chimaera that loosely draws inspiration from AfroLatin music keeping a strong rock attitude and their ears open to everything that may result in a solid, original sound.
In less than a year they recorded an album, Sanba, for Roman label Megasound, and they presented it during their first international tour during fall of 2012. Since then they performed at high profile gigs including a highly praised doublebill with No Means No and the participation to the festival Match & Fuse in London and Birmingham, very well reviewed by The Guardian.

We call our music Psychojive, which means keeping the pulse pumping whilst playing musical constructions that make your brain ache. Your body wants to move while your brain is short-circuiting. It’s the new therapy for lethargy! And PumpOrgan is ready for mass treatment.
PumpOrgan is a recently erected band playing a blend of stompin’ jive music with dissonant art rock and free jazz. Imagine where rock ‘n roll and rhythm and blues would have ended up if it had evolved in a progressive way and still had kept it’s rough and edgy sound. The music is wild, fast and overwhelming, pushing the players to their limits. The group leads you through crazy architecture where one would easily go astray.
A large part of the repertoire has been written as a composition commission for the North Sea Jazz festival edition 2011. With the latest line up we first played in dec. 2011 at TryTone in Amsterdam.