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“I’ve always liked doing photography, but it was only a couple of years ago that I started doing concert photography. Music is a big passion of mine and I go to lots of concerts, so one night the idea just crossed my mind. I think the most important thing for a good photograph is that both the photographer and the musicians are passionate about what they do. I never manage to make nice pictures at boring concerts!
I like the spirit of underground places. The do-it-yourself attitude, the fact that it isn’t money that moves the people. Of course it’s much more difficult to get good shots in most DIY places, because the lighting usually sucks, but that’s part of the challenge!”

1. RaaskalBOMfukkerZ, Jun 26th @OCCII
2. Combat Wombat, Jun 26th @OCCII
3. Las Kellies, Oct 5th 2013 @OCCII
4. The Restarts, Nov 30th 2013 @OCCII
5. Dresden Leningrad, Nov 24th @OCCII
6. Frankenberries, Feb 9th @OCCII
7. ZEA + King Ayisoba, Mar 28th 2014 @OCCII
8. Buiten Gebruik, Nov 30th 2013 @OCCII
9. Open Wounds, Feb 4th 2014 @OCCII
10. Thee Irma & Louise, Feb 9th @OCCII

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