OCCii MiXcloud of PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE [’92-’22!]

r’OCCii MiXTAPE – 30-01-2022 [20:00-22:00] Radio Patapoe

OCCii MiX of PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE ’92-’22!


  1. Bottleskup Flenkenkenmike – My Head Hurts And i Can’t Smell [‘SuperSpreaderEvent’ EP]
  2. Divide & DissolveMental Gymnastics (Moor Mother Remix)
  3. Lungbutter – Sonar [‘Honey’ LP, Constellation Records]
  4. Radical Kitten – Wrong! [‘Quarantaines – Bis’, BC Comp]
  5. Dunums – Toz [‘Where’s My Eidi’, Radio Khiyaban CS]
  6. Peaking Lights – The Other Side [OCCii Compilation Deluxe Edition, BC Comp]
  7. Slow WorriesSo Hidden [‘Careful Climb’ LP, Subroutine Records, Breaking Records & Adagio830]
  8. Lewsberg – Six Hills [7″ single on Speedy Wunderground]
  9. Sourdure – Na Festa [‘De Mòrt Viva’, Murailles Music]
  10. Zea – Wat Moatte Wy Dwaan As Wy Gjin Jild Hawwe [‘Witst Noch Dat D’r Neat Wie’, Makkum Records, Subroutine Records]
  11. Unik Ubik ft. G.W. Sok – This Is The Day [‘I’m Not Feng Shui’, LP]
  12. Uit Je Bol – Het Paleis Moet Plat! (Live in de Mazzo, 1984)
  13. Tramhaus Karen Is A Punk [7″ single on Subroutine Records]
  14. GiF – Comfort Zone [OCCii DiY Comp, 7″ Comp Single]
  15. God Is My Co-Pilot – Mind Your Own Business (Delta5) [‘Stars Rock Kill(Rock Stars)’ BC Comp]
  16. We Are Busy Bodies (New Age Doom & Lee “Scratch” Perry) – Life is an Experiment [‘Lee -Scratch- Perry’s Guide to the Universe’, 2021]
  17. Zea Gean Net By My Wei (Jaques Brel‘Ne me quitte pas’)
  18. Benefits – Meat Teeth (New Track >> https://thequietus.com/articles/31053-benefits-meat-teeth-video-interview)
  19. S.H.I.T.Hidden In Eternity [7″ single on La Vida Es Un Mus Discos]
  20. Acid Mothers ReynolsAntimatter Sound Milkshake [‘Vol. 2’, Hive Mind Records]
  21. L’Orchidee Cosmique – La Corde Sensible [Single, BC 2021]
  22. Hexenbezem – Depopulate [‘Depopulate’ CS, Levertraan 2021]
  23. KluizeNaer – Es Verbrennt Sich [‘Ein Abbild Der Leere’, ♆ Wolves Of Hades ♆]
  24. Divide & Dissolve – We Are Really Worried About You [‘Gas Lit’ LP, Invada Records]
  25. Mik Quantius – Allday [‘Usic’ CS, Artsy Records]
  26. The Boss. – Dancing In The Dark (Dub Remix) [Taken from Tom Smith {RiP}‘s collection of rare DUB versions:: V/A – Teflon Junk Emergency Kit ] Tom Smith, founding member of noise band To Live and Shave in L.A., has died at 65. January 22, 2022 >>https://www.npr.org/2022/01/22/1074855221/tom-smith-to-live-and-shave-in-l-a-obit <3.