Bandcamp & OCCii Supporting Artists During the Covid-19 Pandemic

03/20/2020, my very FiRST RECORDiNGS 🙀 “This album is one from the heart !” 👂 O U T ⭐️
Friday 20th of March I especially urge you to help because Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share to get the money directly to the artists! Will be published tonight midnight!

Gayetty’s Medicated Paper = Luka Schuurman – Guitar & Occii Stu – Shaker, Windchimes, Hitting things with a Drumstick, Voice …thAnks Charis Konstantinou for MiXiNG👇 From midnight it’s for sale at Bandcamp Fundraiser for 24 hours only, all proceeds will GO to OCCii as shit hits the streets and our hangout will be closed for many many days & NiGHTS… ENJOY FOLKS, STAY SAVE, 🦠⛏