Saturday, June 24, 2017   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 17:00-21.00 MKZ/ 19.30- 03:00 OCCII
Damage: €8 Donation

Benefit happening to help ADM Amsterdam keep kicking ass in the court room! Come Support ADM!

17h in MKZ homemade cakes and bread by Reizend broodje

18-19h in courtyard: Sunday on a Saturday – acoustic music and dance – with K. Duck , Vilbjorg & Friends.. Expect sound scapes mixed with original dance pieces.

18-21h in MKZ: fantastic vegan food by Brian – 5 euros

from 19:30h in OCCII:

funtastic line up’s of bands, DJ’s, screen printers, space aliens and info about ADM’s progress!
 DJ’s Balistic bannana and Cacapoo back to back between the bands provide a rich texture of punk post core breaks.
 info during the night will be voiced by Hay from updating everyone about the ADMs current situation progress and courtroom battles.
 Projections provided by Peter  with video from Suwanne..
Upstairs Welcome to the Klitclub Kareoke Cocktail Bar powered by Suwanne and Yanicka

– 8 euros door benefit

line up:

20.00 h *Bagjuice
Refreshing Reggae & Live Dub

Bagjuice – Safe & Sound

21.00 h *Dynamo Irie
Psychedelic Locomotive Reggae / Sonic Selassie / Pink Doors Pissy Wall Groove Impro , ready to take on the biggest waves.

22.00 h 


Klezmer-punk, Tomeloze energietransformatie , Full on Balkan Punk jump up! Bring a sweat band!


23.00 h *Zibabu
ZIBABU (space punk skizo ska, ADM)
This triangle of energie consistius three intergalactic cleaning ladies. They have been traveling the universe trying to escape the ever consuming grey mass ‘shvna’. Now seeking refuge on the ADM.

Zibabu- Monetary Cemetery


from 0.00 h Scratch session  Djs Shadowface , Rasmatal, and Chunky scratch it up on 3 turntables and a mpc. 
 Bronx  Live set   Italian style breaks and tek. Made on his machines and synths.
Dj Force 10 Jungle / D and B in a bass heavy style (vinyl set)

Come to the Binnenpret to support the ADM in legal costs and fine money.