Sunday, Jan 26, 2020 | Doors open: 16:00 - Later | Free

“BELLA VITA” literally means “beautiful life” in Italian language. But is life really beautiful if we think ourselves as born and raised wheels offor the system?

Life can be seen as the biggest blackmail ever we can’t live without money and this is the reason why we need to work. But why do we have to work to live a life that has been given to us for free? Do we really need to earn it?

“BELLA VITA” is the name of a practice usually meant both as a way of living and to organise events with NO MONEY, NO BAR and NO KITCHEN. The idea is bringing everything you would like to eat and drink and just share it to everyone. “BELLA VITA” events are 100%
DIY and horizontals as there are NO CUSTOMERS, NO WAITERS, NO MONEY, NO PROFIT but just shared ideas, emotions, food and drinks.

So if we think about it “BELLA VITA” is more and exclamation than a statement, as life as we know it it’s not good. On 26th of January we will try to live the OCCII and this moment in a different way, far from the chains that this blackmailing system is imposing us every day. This is an opportunity to remark and remind ourselves that another way of living and communicating is possible and this is a chance to breath it.

This is just a proposal of this practice as there is no pre-built and right way to do and live that. SO please feel free to make your own idea and spread it!

Last but not least there will be no bands and no loud music playing to facilitate sharing of ideas and thoughts (we won’t have to shout each other to talk).

So let’s enjoy this FREE time together! Bring your favourite (vegan) meal, your favourite drink and your best thoughts and ideas and SHARE them! BELLA VITA!