OCCII Crowdfunding Benefit: Dinner & Auction in MKZ

Friday, Jun 14, 2019 | Doors open: 19:00 | Dinner €5 (reservation required), OCCII entrance free

UPDATE: We have decided to host the auction at MKZ itself (instead of OCCII) after dinner!
It’s just around the corner from OCCII, and you don’t have to walk back after you’ve finished eating. Auction starts between 20:30 & 21:00.

For OCCII’s crowdfundingcampaign we are hosting an auction at MKZ! After a lovely meal at the vegan restaurant we will be auctioning off some very original stuff from and associated with OCCII. The proceeds will go to OCCII’s crowdfunding for a new soundsystem.

For over 25 years OCCII has been a rich place for concerts and other culturally significant events and activities. In the iconic building on the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam, many people have witnessed amazing musical experiences.
We want to keep bringing the groundbreaking sounds we have been bringing everyone who loves OCCII and who loves music for all these years. That’s why we’re investing in new sound equipment. We have already reached our goal to be able to replace our overdue amplifiers, but we could use much more! We are currently continuing to raise money to also be able to replace our current monitors.
Read more about the campaign here: https://www.voordekunst.nl/projecten/8899-the-future-sound-of-occii

That’s why we’re inviting you to this event! First come and have a delicious vegan meal at our neighbours MKZ between 19:00 and 21:00. (€5 + voluntary additional donation,  RESERVATION REQUIRED: 020-6790712)

Afterwards, the restaurant will turn into a temporary auction hall.

Many fun items from 25 years of OCCII history will be sold.
For example, the locker doors full of bandstickers (collected throughout the years) that have recently been busted open during the robbery will be for the highest bidder!

Vegan Dinner @MKZ

Auction starts

Practical info MKZ:
Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam (just around the corner from OCCII)
Dinner will be €5 (+ voluntary donation if wanted), proceeds go to the crowdfunding
Please make a reservation: 020-6790712