Ensemble OC/DC presents ‘Amygdala Sonates’ + Oscar Jan Hoogland + ZEA

Sunday, June 09, 2024   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30
Damage: 10,00


Amygdala Sonates door Ensemble OC/DC
The nine ‘Amygdala Sonatas’ for piano, grit and a dancer are based on “mental disorders”. But the creators prefer the term “strategies to cope with the all-consuming normality”. The compositions emphasise the beauty and power of deviant mental states, as well as their potential for change in a society, without losing sight of the fact that when these strategies turn against the individual, they can indeed become “diseases”.

Eight sonatas for piano, with names like “borderline” and “anorexia”, and “depersonalisation of the left hand”, are performed by ensemble OC/DC; Reinier van Houdt, piano; Dennis Alexander Schmitz and Giulija Piana, body; Hansko Visser (Plan Kruutntoone) with “tape-a-stry”, and Bas Alblas plays fragments from ‘the red flower’ on the double bass.

Piano Improvisation by Oscar Jan Hoogland
A leading figure on the Dutch impro scene, Oscar Jan Hoogland sprung onto the Amsterdam landscape approximately two decades ago, at the forefront of a new group of improvisers to arrive and simultaneously uphold the tradition of New Dutch Swing even while tearing it apart.

Zea is Arnold de Boer, these days accompanied by drummer Ineke Duivenvoorde and cello player Harald Austbø. Both join De Boer on his latest album We Are Still Each Other’s Only Hope, and that’s the material they are on tour with this year.
“We Are Still Each Other’s Only Hope presents beautifully Zea’s primal, intuitive and instant, minimalist and urgent practice of songwriting, guitar playing and composing. (…) You can’t resist Zea’s immediate emotional, compassionate and poetic effect. Surrender to Zea’s emphatic vision of hope.” – Salt Peanuts

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