G.W. Sok & Dry Tongue Collective (NL/F) + Loomheid (IT) + Hah! (F)

Friday, June 21, 2024   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: 6 euro

Dry Tongue Collective (nl/f)
A project by music school students from Lyon, who composed new music based around G.W. Sok’s lyrics, which they then recorded with him. The continuation of this project is a small tour of the band together with G.W. Sok during which they play the eclectic musical results: a series of concerts that begins at OCCII and, via Deux-Acren (B) and Dijon (F), ends at the Périscope in Lyon.


LOOMHEID (it/nl)
Loomheid is our condition.
Our mass isolation.
The inadequacy to tell the other who we are and know the other for what they really are, constricted by our mental schemes, habits and categories.
A cage without bars. A blank stare. An invisible veil. A mirror of flesh.
Deep bass lines, rough waves, ensnaring voices, distant guitars, restless drums, melancholic harmonies.
A contamination between dream pop, trip hop, and post-rock with a deep alt-rock root.
Loomheid aka Ludovico (Bass and Synths) and Edoardo (Voice and Guitar) – twin brothers – is a newborn music project after over a decade experience with another music project in Italy


HAH! (f)
Alone amidst the melody of machines and a boiling, flowing drum set, HAH unveils a fierce and subversive poetry. Inspired by the punk scene of ‘industrial music’ and the ‘powerelectronics’ style, its lyrics and textures immerse the listener in a heavy and unique atmosphere

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