Monday, November 18, 2013   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:00
Damage: free

– Occupied London collective –

Moving on from The Greek Streets: the future of Occupied London as a radical media project.

*This will be the launch of the latest and also very last issue of the journal Occupied London #5
with texts from uprisings from Brazil to Slovenia, Turkey and London, and will mark the beginning of the new Occupied London.

Running the OL blog producing a book on the revolt and crisis in
Greece, and the irregular journal over the past few years we have come to a point were we want to consolidate and think strategically about the role of radical media and production of analysis, given the changing media landscape and the current and ongoing revolts
across the globe. We will therefore be asking the question what is the role of radical media projects today?

With the proliferation of publishing tools, blogs and independent news sites across the world and the crisis/changing role of large news
corporations this is an open discussion not just about how we counter-inform or analyze what is taking place around us but how we actually participate and engage in the ongoing turbulence of our times.

The Stories, Ideas and Future of Uprisings around the World.

Bij deze een korte aankondiging, van de Global Uprising conferentie. Het programma in de Balie is van vrijdag avond 15 novmeber tot en met zondag avond 17 november. Het voledige programa in de Balie vind je hier  :

Er is ook een aanvullend programma dat eerder en langer door gaat, het is namelijk zo dat honderden mensen uit alle delen van de wereld dat weekeinde naar Amsterdam reizen voor de Global Uprising conferentie. Dat programma staat hieronder, als er nieuws is of wijzigingen dan plaatsen we dat hieronder in de aanvullingen en je kan beter op de website van kijken dan op de site van de Balie, ivm nieuws en of wijzigingen.

Program of open spaces:

Wednesday 13/11:
Joe’s Garage: 3pm till evening, open space, Lonely Collective Day Cafe
Joe’s Garage: 8pm – Kritische Studenten Evening – Speakers: Frank Lopez ( & Naus Steves on students strikes in Montreal and fracking in New Brunswick (Canada)

Thursday 14/11:
Joe’s Garage: 7pm – meet and greet with a people’s kitchen. Benefit for the Kazova occupied textile factory in Istanbul.

Friday 15/11:
Bollox 11-6pm Coffee & Tea
Bollox 6pm soup
Joe’s Garage, 6:30pm Discussion “Solidarity is for white women. A discussion about feminism and intersectionality”
D4net / Voedlink Voko 12-6pm, open space and additional programming
Valreep: 22pm, Nimatek Soundsystem, raping the dnb scene

Saturday 16/11:
Vondelbunker – Coffee & Tea 10am-1pm
D4net / Voedlink Voko 12-6pm, open space and additional programming
Bollox 2-6pm Anarchist library
Joe’s Garage: 2-6pm open space and give away shop
Bollox 4pm “talk & discussion. Mobilisation for the yearly Blockupy protest in Frankfurt.”
Bollox 6pm soup
Vrankrijk 10pm party with DJ No Skills, riot video mash up with DJs and VJs from around the world.

Sunday 17/11:
Vondelbunker 11-6pm – Coffee & Tea
D4net / Voedlink Voko 12-6pm, open space and additional programming
Joe’s Garage: 6-12pm – Acoustic Music, food & more
Molly 10pm drinks

Monday 18/11:
D4net / Voedlink Voko 12-4pm, open space and additional programming
D4net / Voedlink Voko 4pm, speakers from Chile and Spain.
OCCII 8pm – Occupied London collective – Moving on from The Greek Streets: the future of Occupied London as a radical media project.
Joe’s Garage: 7pm – Kaikoesie Benefit, people’s kitchen

Tuesday 19/11:
Antartica – 7pm food & info night about Turkey (Screening of the film Taksim Commune and discussion with participants from the current uprising)


Spuistraat 216
Long standing radical & collective run bar and concert space.

Eerste Schinkelsraat 14-16
Legalized former squatted complex, all volunteer and collectively run.
Consists of the Bollox (bar and anarchist library), MKZ (vegan peoples kitchen), LAG ( hacker space).

OCCII, (collectively run concert venue) same complex but entrance at:
Amstelveenseweg 134

De Vondelbunker
No address, enter Vondelpark from center, until bridge and on your right-hand side.
Collectively run free space in a former nuclear shelter located under the bridge in the Vondelpark.

Joe’s Garage
Pretoriusstraat 43
A squatted social center, a meeting place in the neighborhood for squatters and no squatter.

D4net/Voedlink Voko
Bilderdijkstraat 165-f
Food Co-op and free space.

Amundsenweg 1
A squatted former school building, food/film nights, give away shop.

Van Ostadestraat 55 HS
Collectively run squatters bar

Fort van Sjakkoo
Jodenbreestraat 24
International radical Bookshop
Specialized in libertarian and radical ideas from the first to the fifth world and beyond…

De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
Main location for the Global Uprisings Conference 15-17 november 2013