Hate & Merda (IT) + Allochiria (GR) + Lijkschouwer + DEATH MASK

Sunday, June 02, 2024   
Thurifer Promotions
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.15-23.30
Damage: 10 euro

On Sunday 2nd June, Thurifer Promotions presents a night of sonic violence with Hate & Merda, Allochiria, Lijkschouwer and DEATH MASK.

Hate & Merda
Hate & Merda is a faceless heavy sludge duo from Florence, Italy, that has just finished celebrating its first decade of pure hate. Black socks on their faces, paranoid percussions, disturbing guitar feedbacks and insane screams. And this is it. No lies, no fashion, just sweat and high volume.

Allochiria is a heavy post/prog/sludge band formed in Athens, Greece in 2008. The band has played countless live shows and festivals throughout the years, sharing the stage with bands such as Amenra, Social Distortion, Deafheaven, Year of No Light, Altar of Plagues, Toundra, Minsk, Harakiri for the Sky and Deaf Kids. Allochiria’s music is thematic; it revolves around humans as social beings, the corruption that defines them in modern societies, their vain struggles, painful routines and the consequences of their actions in the world around them.

Lijkschouwer are a black/death/sludge-metal band hailing from Rotterdam comprised of G.T. (Drums/Vocals) R.B. (Guitar/Vocals) M.C. (Guitar) and R.D.B. (Bass).
They take the inspiration from the endings, the finality of death and the all-encompassing void in which everything is nothing. The debut album “Lamentations of Cosmic Absurdity” deals with themes of decay and futility.

DEATH MASK is sonic nullification.
Heavy modulating synths and a guttural, sometimes shrieking voice explore territories into submission and nullification that go beyond gender, the human condition, and into the occult. With their words it tries to translate the gut feeling and the visceral we all know so well. That which has no words and is felt in our guts. Voicing its intense fears and death euphoria. To let us die to our own body and ego.

Artwork by @terror_matt


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