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INSECT ARK (US, Profound Lore Records) + Mt. ECHO

INSECT ARK (Brooklyn, NYC, USA – Profound Lore Records)

Dana Schechter (Swans) pairs up with powerhouse drummer Andy Patterson (ex-SubRosa) as INSECT ARK deliver their most harrowing and punishing record yet. Instrumental psychedelic doom duo Insect Ark have creating uncomfortable sonicscapes that feel both intimate and icy cold since 2011.Nightmarish horror film-like visions, outer space travel, and gritty noir textures – all of this and more have been conjured up in their past records, the much-praised Portal / Well (2015) and Marrow Hymns (2018), but now, something even bigger is coming. Prepare for The Vanishing.

NEW ALBUM “Vanishing”
to be released 28/02/2020

Dana Schechter explains:
_”The album’s title refers to a daydream I had of disappearing completely – floating out to sea alone, never to return, or walking off down a road, and never being found. This idea has recurred throughout my life. […] On a much bigger level, it’s about the impermanence of life itself, trying to retain perspective of how small we really are, invisible in the bigger frame of time and history. We all will face this impermanence, even if we try to hide from it. The endless cycle of abirth/death exists for all life forms, yet sometimes we forget we’re not immortal.”_

Nijmeegse Noise/Post-rock formatie.
Gerben Elburg – Gitaar
Tommy van den Broeck – Gitaar
Vincent Voogd – Bas
Rolf Vonk – Drums
As nature can fascinate, so does the music of Mt. Echo. Ominous and languid, but hard and unrelenting, it sings around the listener. Dream away, be carried away, get pulled under the waves and find peace in the eye of the storm.

The atmospheric, instrumental music of Mt. Echo – with ex-members of Bandito and Geiser – can be enjoyed by lovers of hard guitar work, dreamy soundscapes and dissonant melody lines. The band from Nijmegen, the Netherlands recorded their first album Cirrus in a pop-up studio at the local venue Doornroosje. The album was released on the 20th of April 2019.

“Cirrus is a dense disk in which the young quartet develops its full potential post-metal, doom and post-rock.”


Andy Patterson (ex-SubRosa), Dana Schechter (Swans), INSECT ARK, Mt.Echo