Friday, September 24, 2021   
just gimme indie rock! edition 1.
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.00 - 01.00
Damage: €8

just gimme indie rock! edition 1. JUST GIMME INDIE ROCK! Edition 1.


“Crisp, deftly performed indie rock that leans heavily on ’90s sonic motifs, in the shadows of TEAM DRESCH, SLEATER-KINNEY, LIZ PHAIR, the BREEDERS, or SHUDDER TO THINK. If you told me this was a lost classic from that era, I’d be inclined to believe you. The recording,
musicianship, and especially the singing is completely on-point. I admit to being slightly thrown off by how American the band sounds, despite being from Holland; I don’t just mean the singer’s accent (I have lived in Amsterdam and know that many Dutch speak impeccable English), but even lyrical references. If anything, this album is a little more polished than the usual MRR fare, but recommended for fans of the aforementioned groups nonetheless.”

Fluorescent, doom-laden, gloomy, forlorn minimalism. FLOWERS is part of the Luik Music and Meduse MagiQ families.
“Sounds like the opposite of a beautiful Monet landscape and the perfect soundtrack for a no-deal Brexit”
– The Quietus

Avery Plains is and Indie Pop/Noise band from Groningen. Energetic melancholic songs, releasing a melodic, noisy, intimate, wall of sound.
“My first wild association when I listened to SoOn was the early Nirvana (Nevermind). And, when I listened again, I heard some Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr (Avery Plains did a support of this band), Sonic Youth and a lot more.”
– Rock at Night.

You hear dichotomy throughout the music of Combo Qazam. The band can sound mechanical yet humane at the same time. Prog-like perfection goes hand in hand with Pavementesque dissonance. Aloof lyrics are being sung with heavenly harmonies. Scraping guitars and goofy samples are being recorded on 4-track cassette and in Logic Pro. The beat is leading you through eerie melodies, with hints at postpunk, mathrock, kraut and noise.


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Ticket price €8.00 Booking fee €0.50