KNALPOT Dub ft. Carlos Dalla-Fiore + H-SIK (ci) + PUH QUH

Friday, Jan 17, 2014 | Doors open: 22:00 - 03:00 | € 5

KNALPOT DUB feat. Carlos Dalla-Fiore (live dubs)
Raphael Vanoli: Fender bass VI, electronics, casio
Gerri Jäger: drums, synth, casio
Sandor Caron: sound engineering

KNALPOT DUB is a Knalpot side project focussing on the dub side of things: more groove, more bass, less hectic or angular but more flow. All while keeping Knalpot’s trademark stumble-grooves, interplay, deep electronic sound-design and noisy rock-outs as they are. For this new direction Knalpot is teaming up with the great Carlos Dalla Fiore (Studio De Zwarte Molen) on electronics.

Atari Dup!: The Amsterdam based circuit bender, breakcore and noise artist Peter Quistgard landed on a somewhat different plane when he found an old Atari 1040ST within a pile of trash somewhere in the streets of Amsterdam.
The typical 8 bit lo-fi sounds of the old machine struck a chord of slow and low zoundz propelling bass bins dubbed with a circuit bent Roland TR-505, analog delays, spring reverb, and moremoremorrrreee noise toys spread across accompanied by some outerspaced toasting of the vocal chords with, yes!! more delays!!!
Puh Quh’s dubby music has been compared to a Jahtari offshoot, though probably a bit more experimental. The main theme: Dance safe, dance slow!

H-SIK (    Error Broadcast, Black Acre )
Herve Sika is H-SIK, an electronic music producer from Ivory coast known for his dark and textured take on music. He infuses obscured samples and abstracted effects with influences from old-school hip-hop, dub and hybrid grime and footwork. His obsessive exploration of minimal rhythms, effects and samples allows his music to be unfold into a thrashed out, deeply layered sound.