Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness (US/Akuphone) + CoBnûts (PT/NL)

Thursday, November 09, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: €10

Ak’chamel, The Giver of Illness (US/Akuphone)

desert music, lo-fi, psychedelic folk

Ak’chamel are a mysterious duo from Texas who call out some seriously weird ritualistic cult jams by way of midnight smoke chants, speaking in tongues while plinking away on a broken spike fiddle, pounding a ratty drum, and droning on whatever noisemaker they can find.

Their deliberately lo-fi murky temple music conjures not only the post-industrial rituals lusting for the pagan days of Druidic Britain but also the pantheistic, impishly playful rhythms from Thai temple music as well as some choice nods to the occult ethnomusicology of their professed influences, The Sun City Girls.” -aQuarius Records

Over the past decade the duo has produced dozens of cassettes, VHS films and 2 vinyl LP’s (such as the critically acclaimed “The Totemist”). When performing live they wear full homemade costumes and play an array of half-broken indigenous or self-built instruments.

Visit Ak’chamel‘s discography here: akchamel.bandcamp.com

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CoBnūts (PT/NL)

Avelãs, v.Gerwen, Ottink, three headed Dutch/Portugese multineck, metal workshop Noise outfit, residing AMS.
Their music is best described as a persons regret over taken the red pill.
Recording like Heracles analogy of existence; One never steps in the same river twice.
Recorded at; METALWORKSHOP >> https://cobnuts.bandcamp.com/


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