TGAF (These Gyals Are on Fiyah, FR) +JUJUL♥️V3 + WAR TONE

Friday, Jun 10, 2016 | Doors open: 21:00 - Late | €6 before / €8 after midnight


Still Making Art International Music Services Part Two
w/ TGAF (These Gyals Are on Fiyah, FR) + JUJUL??V3 + WAR TONE

TGAF (These Gyals Are on Fiyah)
TGAF is a French collective comprised of five DJs, whose unusual acronym stands for These Girls Are on Fiyah. Carin Kelly, Malibu, DJ Ouai, Miley Serious, and Oklou became a team at the tail-end of last year, and have a monthly radio show on the station PIIAF where they play an eclectic mixture of house, pop, experimental, and club tracks. Each of their radio shows has a different theme, the first three being Air, Fantasy, and 3 a.m. Playing at nights both separately and together, they’re mostly at parties in Paris but have also been known to venture to Berlin.



Still Making International Art Music Services est une plate-forme de musique sur le thème de monthlyish organisée par Isle Western shephards créatives (dans l’ordre alphabétique) Simon Boase, Aaron McLaughlin et Stefan Wharton.
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JUJUL♥️V3, TGAF (These Gyals Are on Fiyah), WAR TONE