Saturday, Jul 23, 2016 | Doors open: 21:00 | €6

UK punk bands SNOB and NACHTHEXEN sweating around Europe this summer! Some dates still empty – please help us out! Contacts of promoters and cool people you know very welcome.

13173235_10156847244155623_2768039702898196699_o23 July – Amsterdam, OCCII
24 July – Munster, Baracke
25 July – Berlin
26 July – Warsaw, Chmury
27 July – Krakow, Klub Piękny Pies
28 July – NEED HELP Slovakia?
29 July – Budapest, drrpnc
30 July – Zagreb, Klub Močvara
31 July – NEED HELP Slovenia? Austria? Trieste?
1 Aug – Vienna, Venster
2 Aug – NEED HELP Czech Republic?
3 Aug – Nurmberg, Projekt 31
4 Aug – Mannheim, JUZ
5 Aug – Antwerp

Poster by Olga Rienda

SNOB (London, UK)
‘Snob are a hardcore punk band. They’re not post-punk, d-beat, or some other precious sub-sub-genre, because you can tell that their music is about more than just style. Like the classic hardcore punk bands that everyone loves, Snob sound like the band that they have to be… I mean, it’s fast, it’s noisy, and it’s punk as shit. And excites the hell out of me and I’m probably going to listen to it several times a day for the foreseeable future. I have no idea how to sell you on it, but if you’ve been reading these things for a while and you trust my taste you should make a point to get this, because this is without a doubt one of my records of the year.’ – Sorry State Records

NACHTHEXEN (Sheffield, UK)
‘This is awesome stuff. Punk rock without any guitar; just solid, riffy bass, tight, almost mechanical drumming, shouted female vocals, and a keyboard that sound somewhere between KRAFTWERK and low-budget 70s / 80s horror film soundtracks (think CREEPOZOIDS or anything directed by LUCIO FULCI i.e ‘Zombie’ or ‘House by the Cemetery’). It’s rare to find stuff these days that sounds genuinely different, but this really is; the synth sound is somewhat creepy and isn’t something that I’ve heard much in this style, and the way it marries with the highly strung, desperate but angry vocals is something you need to hear to appreciate… Brilliant stuff with a unique quality, the greatness of which is tough to describe.’ – The Screever Zine

† LIFELESS PAST † (Den Haag, NL)
Their aphotic straight forward songs convey a credible breeze from the past. Their lyrics reflecting social affaires, personal experiences, romance and mental struggles. Their live performances are characterized by their rivet and meritable musical interplay.