Ludo Mich (be) + Maîtres Fous (it/fr/brx) + Bromp Treb (us) + Curse Purse (us) + Bonne Aparte + Dj Lonely + Headband (us) + Ro (us) + New Root Canal (be) + Tellavision (de) + Fake DJ Team

Friday, April 22, 2016   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 20:00

Bromp Treb is Neil Young Cloaca mixing eager ineptitude with confident uncertainty to make busted sound and performance.
Bromp Treb is clumsy body music and obtuse gesture used to dance against rhythm. Cloaca sets the table for a messy dinner of intentionally-unstable systems of cheap synths, effects pedals and fried circuitry, tape manipulation, amateur phonography, collaged beats, and poor drumming technique. His recipes are quickly disposed of with abrupt digressions and improvised chain reactions that amuse and confound.
Cloaca remains a proud member of the absurdist baroque noise quintet Fat Worm of Error, currently enjoying a hibernation after over a decade of activity. Bromp Treb has released many cassettes and 7″ records and currently has two LPs coming out on Feeding Tube Records and Weird Ear. Bromp Treb has performed at fancy-pants places like ICA Boston, High Zero Festival, and the San Francisco Center for New Music as well as countless basements, bars, lofts, living rooms, closets and art spaces all around North America.

Massachusetts is definitely fertile ground for some highly disturbed and gently music. Curse Purse resulting therefrom and fruit there was all of the unidentified sound object. With a rock scrambled somewhat versatile electronic instrumentation, the trio offers a completely dislocated music, elusive songwriting but proudly standing. After a first album appeared on Feeding Tube Records, the band toured with a new EP featuring Mark Cunningham of New York’s legendary Mars and Kassie Carlson Guerilla Toss.

Groningen’s finest noisemongers, BACK!
Een onwaarschijnlijke clusterbom van adrenaline en levernssappen, dat is wat Bonne Aparte is. Ze staat bekend om haar drang om dingen zo ver mogelijk in het rood te drukken door tegelijk hun gitaren, drums, percussie, synth en stemmen te forceren tot noise en feedback.
Bonne Aparte komt voort uit de bloeiende scene rondom de electronoise act Adept. De band levert ultrakorte, extreem harde songs, met net genoeg ruimte voor melodie. Meedogenloos en elegant tegelijk. Het resultaat is een krachtig statement van chaosrock.

Dj Lonely is the music alter ego of artist Jonas Ohlsson, who raves up a crown instantly with his broad taste for music. It goes from detroit house to noise and industrial music to kuduru and favela funk, grime, sleazy eastern european electronica, and hip hop. Anything goes and wrong just feels so right sometimes.
Elia Buletti, the man behind the Berlin based label Das Andere Selbst. “Altogether, let`s call it just bedroom tribalism”.

Het Dj team bestaat uit Raymond & Clau Zeer file under: pop, noise, trash, dubhop, rasta-punk, total noise en nog 78 other styles

Baltimore’s Headband is a master of performance, one of the most fun acts to see live. Fantastic sense of humor, killer audio destruction, careful, confident work of an absolute natural.

LAFMS: how low can you go?
A short film portrait of the Los Angeles Free Music Society.
These irreverent, LA-based experimental musicians have been fearlessly exploring sound since the early 1970’s. The collective is bonded by friendship and a love for blowing apart boundaries. LAFMS helped birth modern noise music and have influenced artists around the world.
Los Angeles Free Music Society Documentary Film
This documentary directed by Holly Thompson and Mark McNeill, tells the story of the Los Angeles Free Music Society through interviews and live performance clips featuring LAFMS Members: Ace Farren Ford, Dennis “Duck” Mehaffey, Fredrik Nilsen, Joe Potts, Joseph Hammer, Mitchell Brown, Rick Potts, Tom Recchion and Vetza Trussell.
Watch the film at:
“Check out this film. It’s about something you don’t know about but you do know about, and if you’re a noise nerd you definitely know about… While all these wankers were toodle jerkin’ their geetars, or gettin’ rockin roll geetarded, these dudes were breaking shit, wrangling wild tape loops, making jerk-canned techno and generally fucking the fabric of time! So dope.” – Peaking Lights

Franco-Italian cosmic-abstract free jam featuring Virgina Genta, David Vanzan (JOOKLO DUO), Ernesto “Bear Bones, Lay Low” Gonzalez, Mathieu Tilly and Jeremie Sauvage (FRANCE).

Maîtres Fous is an improvisation project bringing the rhythm section of France and of two Italian Jooklo Duo, Virginia Genta and David Vanzan. We know the minimalist approach of France and exhilarating trio and access to free jazz to neo Jooklo Duo but he does not act here, however, a defector from both groups.
Maîtres Fous is a separate entity built on a abounding instrumentarium (percussion, bells, drums, alto sax, flute, lap steel, flat guitar, bass, synthesizers, prepared piano, effects patch …), which produces a sound environment as These intrepid evanescent … Maîtres Fous here are not those of Jean Rouch but they lead us somewhere between incantatory experience and the feeling of a dark euphoria.
“Franco-Italian Free Psychodelic Kosmiche Impro”?

Son of cult Fluxus artist Ludo Mich, ya boy Rufus from Antwerp brings you straight passion with voice and electronics, spraypainting your brain with a can full of echo and liquifying your bones with oldschool street beats. ZOOT SUCKAS ZOOT.

Chris Shields´ fluid ceramic patchwork. Balancing a fine line between ultra rhythm and the opposite, Ro toggles between extremely non-musical and string composition, computer music, field recording, custom homemade modular synth and mixer. Formerly active as Marcel Du Swamp, collaborator with Carly Ptak of Nautical Almanac as Fountain Of Youth.

Tellavision aka Fee R Kurten who has been deeply rooted in the DIY culture right from her start in 2007. She calls her Original aesthetic “hardware post pop” Its somewhere between anti-pop and avantgarde and between high and low art. Her sound is maybe to punk for an art audience and to arty for a punk audience. She studied art @ the art academy in Hamburg and was teached by icons like Jutta Koether and Felix Kubin. Her interests were beside art, visual art, sonology and offcourse music. She produces an unique sound that still puts her between like minded guys and gals like Ariel Pink, Agf, Barbara Morgenstern, surprisingly ESG or early Quarks stuff and not to forget other female artists like Fatima Al Qadiri, Inga Copeland, Gazelle Twin, Klara Lewis and bits of Coco Rosie, Frau Kraushaar and FKA Twigs.

13 / 16 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 APRIL 2016


☬ OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134
☬ VONDELBUNKER, Vondelpark 5
☬ BUTCHER’S TEARS, Karperweg 45
☬ TETTERODE, Bilderdijk / Da Costakade 158
☬ RADIO PATAPOE, Overtoom 301
☬ LAMBIEK, Koningsstraat 27

Festival Programma

Woensdag 13 April: ISM Kulter, Tetterode: iii (collectief)
Zaterdag 16 April: Vondelbunker: New Age Kids, Guy Tavares, Sugar Coated Mind Bombs, Simon Mulder, John
Dinsdag 19 April: BSE at Radio Patapoe, Kelder-Overtoom 301: SOTU-studio noise jam van 23:00 tot ………
Woensdag 20 April: Occii: MNHM, Olifant Take Over, Brain Mastrubation, Trio Almeida/Lopes/Smal
Donderdag 21 April: Filmhuis Cavia: Arno Pelzer, Ludo Mich (Film), George Smits (Film), Reinilde Jonkhout (film)
Vrijdag 22 April: Lambiek: SOTU Groep Sex Boek Presentatie, MC Gijs Borstlab
Vrijdag 22 April: Occii: Ludo Mich, Maîtres Fous, Bromp Treb, Curse Purse, Dj Lonely, Headband, Ro, New Root Canal, Tellavision, Fake DJ Team
Vrijdag 22 April: Vondelbunker: Appopallation, Godswil, ∆D∆E∆W∆,PGR, DMDN, FoetusLapDance, Avalas
Vrijdag 22 April: Butcher’s Tears: Capsular, Toto Boroto, Mineur, Dj Bence
Zaterdag 23 April: Occii: Wartone, Crever, Frau Diamanda,Das Punkt, Damcase, Weird Dust, Laser Poodle, dj Sajjra
Zaterdag 23 April: Vondelbunker: FCKN BSTRDS, Janneke vd Putten, Gabriel Castillo, Aloardi, Spectral Youth
Zaterdag 23 April: Butcher’s Tears: Qualm, VVOVNDS, False Moniker/Sequences, Fingering Eve
Zondag 24 April: Butcher’s Tears: Nederlandse Porno, Paralympics, Moonflower Warrior, Psycho Pappa’s
Zondag 24 April: Occii: The Poisened Glass + Rope + Modern Rituals + Valve + Shar-e No + Blown Out

Festivaldata: 13, 16 April (Pre-event). 19,20,21,22,23 en 24 April 2015.

Locaties: Vondelbunker (Onder de brug in Vondelpark), OCCII (Amstelveenseweg 134), Brouwerij Butchers Tears (Karperweg 45), Lambiek (Koningsstraat 27), Gebouw Tetterode (Bilderdijk).

Entree: Pay What You Want.

SOTU (Sounds of the Underground) is a music festival and cultural foundation organising events centering on and celebrating some unique aspect of the global independent music and art community and its diy and counter cultural traditions. The festival takes place in Amsterdam (the Netherlands, since 2012) , yearly around April. In 2014 a special edition took place in Lithuania, over 10 days in 5 cities organised by Arma Agharta. SOTU´s passion for genre bending sound and performances is at the heart of all their events – you can listen to noise, prog, folk, avant jazz, hardcore, electronica and bass.

SOTU festival 17/04/2015 Amsterdam

SOTU festival 17/04 Amsterdam