SUMMERBREAK w/ OCCII Compilation – A Mix Of Snippets 2013-2015

Friday, Aug 05, 2016 | Doors open: | Free

We’re about to start our summer stop here at OCCII. A well-earned rest.


OCCII Compilation – A Mix Of Snippets 2013-2015

Free Promo Compilation from the OCCII in Amsterdam with recordings from Live Shows 2013-2015.
All tracks were found in the OCCII – Recorded direct off the board or with a mic & some tracks we just don’t know – Instructions: Play Twice Before Listening…
Thanks To All Bands and Tontechniker. Special Thanks To Luc For Fixing This Tape!!.


Asuna (Performance w/ 100 Toy Synths) – MKM!, 17th Of Dec. 2014
Black Spirituals + RORO & PQ – A/V CLUB!, 1st Of March 2015
Container – Lupus & Gwendoline (Club 4 Reel!), 12th OfOctober 2015
Earth – IN OK/OUT KO!, 22nd Of January 2015
Gewoon Fucking Raggen – HC/PUNK!, 7th Of November 2015
Impalers – HC/PUNK!, 12th Of June 2015
Jooklo Duo – IN OK/OUT KO!, 10th Of July 2013
KK Null + Kawabata Makoto – MKM!, 28th Of May 2015
Konono No.1 – REBEL UP! Soundclash, 23rd Of February 2015
Lightning Bolt – Haperende Mens Series, 1st Of July 2015

Louise Landis Levis – MKM!, 11th Of June 2015
Lydia Lunch’s Retrovirus – GRAUZONE, 3rd Of March 2014
MDC – GRAUZONE, 16th Of July 2015
Mdou Moktar – REBEL UP! Soundclash, 24th Of November 2014
Mike Watt & The Missing Men – IN OK/OUT KO!, 3rd Of May 2015
Robert Turman – MKM! (dnk-Amsterdam/Club4Reel), 22nd Of August 2014
Rummelsnuff – SOTU, 30th Of October 2015
Thurston Moore Band – IN OK/OUT KO!, 19th Of August 2014
Tashi Dorji – MKM!, 8th Of October 2015
Wolf Eyes – MKM!, 4th Of February 2015
ZU – IN OK/OUT KO!, 22nd Of November 2014