Swan Meat + Red Shades + Tonto + DJ Factorygirl

green and pink poster with drawings and photos of artist playing
Saturday, June 24, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 21:00
Damage: 8,ಠಠ

Presented by Pretty//Ugly

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Swan Meat (USA + Germany)

Swan Meat posing with a sword

Swan Meat (Reba Fay) is a record producer and DJ from Washington DC based in Cologne, Germany. Since truly breaking
onto the scene with her 2019 EP, FLESHWORLD (Infinite Machine), which Resident Advisor called “a dizzying sequence of references and samples programmed to shock and awe,” she has carved out her own niche in the underground, perfecting a sound in which sweeping string arrangements, 8-bit synth melodies, and gigantic kicks meet in a weird and eerie whorl. Her sound is exemplified in singles such as “SLUDGE,” “PSYCHOPATH,” and “BEHAVE,” among others, but especially on her latest EP, BLOOD SUPERNOVA, where her sound is pushed to its maximalist limit. A resident DJ on Cologne’s dublab outlet, as well as one-half of the techno duo House of Suns with DJH, Swan Meat has proven herself versatile and ever-evolving, touring the world with her extreme, uncompromising live sets. Fay also composes for video games, with recent projects including music for the Divine Disco in Bloodhunt.




Red Shades

Red shades

Red Shades is Valdivia, K. Blonde and 478161.

The Amsterdam based trio’s varying musical backgrounds and experience come together to form a unique sound: abrasive, futuristic, experimental pop.

Skilled producers and mixers; the trio bring a diverse skillset to the collective.

478161 concocts hip-hop inspired electronic beats for the lyrical duo that is Valdivia and Blonde to layer with their ethereal vocals.

Two sides of one coin give life to Valdivia’s brilliant yet dark and self reflective lyrics. Combining distinct vocal styles: Blonde with his angelic clean soprano voice and Valdivia with his urgent raspy baritone makes for an eclectic contrast.

Influenced by the bizarre state of the world as of the last two years, it is the voice of a neglected generation navigating the uncertainties of youth in turbulent times.





Tonto is the heir of the most perverted wet dreams of Lightning Bolt, Shellac, Zu, and Death Grips.
He goes for wild barbarism and non-verbal expressiveness, rather than overt structures and methods.
Tonto is a musician through a computer, like a monkey in a spaceship.



DJ Factorygirl


Drawing: Ellem Anderson

Typography: Carla Wittenburg, Andrea Dietrichson & Theresa Karu



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