Memory Fish + Daryl Raphael Grootfaam + Ewa Pepper + Ard Zacht + Chris Meighan + Akat Hisia & The Postmodern Trauma Kids (Mndfck Gnrtn) + Kinetic Mud + Papelón Kifesh

Saturday, November 30, 2019   
Doors open: 00:00
Showtime: 21:00 - 03:00
Damage: €8

The CORE is a gathering of multidisciplinary artists who go right back to ‘the core’ in their performances. During the event, they have the opportunity to present themselves however they wish, as long as this fundamental requirement is met.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the ingredients are light, sound, effects, projections, song, improvisation, theatre and the conceptual aspect, spoken word/poetry, a cacophony of instrumentation, which lead the transformation towards each performer’s artistic core…

This event is organised by OCCII, SOUS & Papelón Kifesh.


Memory Fish
Memory Fish produces dreamy, meditative songs with a subtly soothing, medicinal quality. With a pared-down sound, using only a vintage synthesizer, the vocals take centre stage in these quiet, lovelorn songs. This Amsterdam-based solo project released ‘The Horses Are Still Running’ in 2018. The album’s ten songs are connected by mysteriously evocative fragmented stories, dedicated to a fictional character named Charlie.

Daryl Raphael Grootfaam
Daryl Raphael Grootfaam is an all-space all round performance artist, and is equally at home in the theatre, a rock venue, a pub, a poetry afternoon, an art installation or a festival. He specialises in contemporary myths and rituals in urban spaces. He has organised the Krampuslauf Rotterdam, an artistic reinterpretation of Sinterklaas mythology, since 2013. He has successfully collaborated with TENT, WORM, Showroom MAMA en FRINGE X Amsterdam in retelling myths in contemporary urban settings. A storyteller at heart, he weaves old, new, familiar and unfamiliar threads together to create a recognisable yet disconcerting experience.

Ewa Pepper
Violinist Ewa Pepper is not your typical musician. Her musical expression is improvisation across a range of genres. Assume her fundamental musical understanding of any piece of music, and then expect the unexpected. Whatever the genre, Ewa will absorb, understand, reconfigure, transform and deliver it through the beauty of the violin.

Ard Zacht
With intimate poetry, unusual songwriting and layers of improvisation and experimental electronics, Ard Zacht makes his musical performances with honesty in mind. Ard Zacht is about performer and audience opening up to each other and submerging themselves in an ambient space of surprising musical twists and turns.

Chris Meighan
Chris Meighan is the initiator of SOUS, an intimate concert series combined with craft beers brewed in small batches on the premises. When not brewing and organising concerts, he makes danceable, energetic electro sounds with the ‘koffersynth’, an all-in-one synthesizer, sequencer and drum machine built in to a 1980s Samsonite briefcase. It has recently been expanded to produce multi-channel automated visual compositions.

Akat Hisia & The Postmodern Trauma Kids (Mndfck Gnrtn)

“Blessed Are The Cracked, For Those Shall Let In The Light.”

Groucho Marx

A ritualistic (transjective), live performance meant as an antidote against the postmodern conundrum, the meaning crisis* (* John Vervaeke’s YouTube-serie: ‘Awakening from the meaning crisis’).

45 minutes of mashed-up Mndfck Gnrtn-tracks juxtaposed with Intellectual Dark Web (IDW) audio fragments and live instrumentation.

Akat Hisia’s Reslave:

Kinetic Mud (aka Joelle Galloni, all-round audiovisual performer throughout this event)
Kinetic Mud designs virtual artifacts and interactive narratives. Characters and abstract beings come to life in the game engine. Recently diving into VJaying, Kinetic Mud composes (messy) rulesets for the gameworld to respond to sound.

Papelón Kifesh
Papelón Kifesh creates rare vinyl sound mixes, combining various atmospheric global sounds and matching an array of influences from very diverse cultures and underground genres, all brought together in an eclectic and yet coherent DJ set intended for everyone.