Sunday, May 08, 2016 | Doors open: |

Alerta Alerta Festival Statement
The Alerta Alerta collective decided to cancel the show at the OCCII tonight, Sunday May 8th. This means the OCCII will be closed but the day programme at the Binnenpret will go through and there will be acoustic bands after dinner.
We are doing this because towards the end of the nigh yesterday, Saturday, some people were extremely aggressive. We do not tolerate physical aggression, destruction of the space and verbal attacks, particularly sexist insults and sexism. We are a collective of like minded people, we work on a DIY, non-hierarchical, non- profit basis. We are against sexism and aggressive behaviour. The OCCII and its neighbors were attacked. Despite the efforts of our fellow community members, the crowd overwhelmed our support team.
The festival had a great atmosphere all day and most of the evening. The crowd was wonderful and we are so thankful to all the performers, speakers and attendees. It’s unfortunate that such few indviduals made it so difficult for us.
We hope we can all reflect on this situation and come up with ways to prevent this from happening in the future, together, so we can continue to organize anti-fascist benefit shows.