Vikendica Festival: Omni Selassi (CH) + Berlin Manson (SK) Fotbal (CZ)

Sunday, October 06, 2024   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.15-23.30
Damage: 10.00

“Vikendica is a travelling festival-weekender for adventurous new music, connecting four iconic venues in The Netherlands. In the first weekend of October 2024, venues Stroomhuis (Eindhoven), VERA (Groningen), WORM (Rotterdam) and OCCii (Amsterdam) join hands in showcasing a convoi exceptionnel of acts from Europe’s most vibrant underground scenes. 

Named after a colloquial  Western Balkans term for a weekend home, Vikendica simultaneously highlights the identity and ambiance of independent clubs. After a successful 2023- edition, the nomadic event returns on 3-6 October 2024; adding a fourth venue to its destinations. The first announced acts are: Omni Selassi (Bern, CH), Fotbal (CZ) and Berlin Manson (SK), who’ll perform on all four events. More acts are to be announced. Vikendica is an initiative by platform Yugofuturism.”
Slovak trio Berlin Manson (CH) seamlessly blends punk and trap aesthetics and attitude, with radical political commentaries about social inequalities in the late-stage capitalist conditions in Central Europe.

Captivating Czech collective Fotbal (CZ) mixes elements of post punk with krautrock, math and psychedelica, shaping a mesmerizing and immersive sound that fits and itches like a warm winter sweater.

Prolific Swiss avant-garde trio Omni Selassi (CH) explores every mood, sound and idea that they interact with on their experimental sonic adventures, using two drums, vocals and a barrage of additional tools.

03/10 Eindhoven / Stroomhuis
04/10 Groningen / VERA
05/10 Rotterdam / WORM
06/10 Amsterdam / OCCII


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