[POSTPONED] Vrankrix and the Amsterdam €nrichment (NL 2020)

Friday, Oct 16, 2020 | Doors open: 20:00 | €3 + Donation (RSVP)

Note: this screening is postponed to a date to be determined – when we have a new date reservations will open up again!

As a foretaste, watch the trailer: https://vimeo.com/384011307

Doors 8:00 PM, Film Screening Start 8:30 PM

Vrankrix and the Amsterdam €nrichment

The Netherlands 2020, 94 min, Dutch and English, with English subtitles

Amsterdam is turning into a big money-making machine. But the idealists of Vrankrix stand their ground amidst the creeping gentrification.

Downtown Amsterdam is increasingly one big money-making machine. But one small settlement is bravely resisting this trend. Equipped with an anti-materialistic attitude, the idealists of Vrankrix stand their ground amidst the creeping gentrification and the dollar signs they see in their neighbour’s eyes.

94′ / colour

Dir: Annegriet Wietsma
Prod: Witfilm – Iris Lammertsma, Boudewijn Koole
Sc: Annegriet Wietsma
D.O.P.: Annegriet Wietsma
Completed: October 2019
Language: Dutch, English

The film Vrankrix and the Amsterdam €nrichment offers a light-hearted, comical glimpse into live in the anarchist stronghold Vrankrijk and the quirky inhabitants and users in downtown Amsterdam.
Vrankrijk not only houses 19 residents on its upper floors, but the ground floor is also a core meeting point for international activists and politically radical ideas. Hiphop, punk, queer, refugee issues, do-it-yourself, solidarity, anarchists, sharing economy, veganism, globalization: it all comes together in this micro cosmos. Please meet Autonomix, Dynamix, Easyfix, Nononsex, Cockadoodledix, Tattootix and Globalixa and their resistance against the worshipping of big money.


‘Vrankrix and the Amsterdam €nrichment selections International Film Festivals 2020

FiLM: Vrankrix and the Amsterdam €nrichment
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