Negativland In 167 Words

Experimental   sound collage   industrial   plunderphonics   avant-garde   sampling   San Francisco Bay Area   Content!   corporations   copyrights   copyright infringement   over the edge   Cut-Up   Creative Commons   Booper   entertainment

U2  Mischael Jackson   Lawyers   American Top 40   David Brom   bumper stickers   Federal Authority   mass media   trademark law   Fair Use   Floptops   illegal   capitalism   multi-national   creative anti-corporate activism   Satanic messages   Reverend Dick   Marlboro masculinity   MTV   Freeform

SST Records   Escape from Noise   Christianity Is Stupid   Dispepsi   Helter Stupid   Sonic Outlaws   Culture Jamming   Guns   Chumbawamba   The ABC’s of Anarchism   OCCII   Live Cinema   Performance   Punk, one-of-a-kind

Intellectual Property   Digital Freedom   NegativWorldWideWebland   group   1984   Our Favorite Things   Thigmotactic   radio broadcast   history   copyright activism   collective   manipulation   pioneers   Forklifters Club   pranks   NegativMailOrderLand!   Albums   Books   DVD’s   VHS   Vinyl   Seeland

Members   Mark Hosler   David “The Weatherman” Wills   Peter Conheim   Don Joyce   Richard Lyons Wobbly   Steev Hise

Coffe-Toffee Torte   Backstage Pass   Fax   Rooty Poops   Gimme The Mermaid   William Burroughs   deejays   illusions   Whup   greed   Killer Song   Super Store Catalog   Paul McCartney’s Penis   Shareware!   House Arrest   Time Zone’s   That’s Not Even Funny!  Is It Over Yet?

By Sjoerd Stolk