[nggallery id=13] Dutch photographer Kasper Vogelzang (Furthur Labelz, kaspervogelzang.nl) started to take pictures of shows because he wanted to discover new music while simultaneously contribute to the music scene. Digital photography and the internet made this possible, because it became cheaper to take photos and easier to share them. In his photography he focuses on the interaction between musicians, in order to capture the identity of the band. He frequents OCCII because, as he puts it: “I want to discover new music, and a lot of that is to be found in what they call the underground. I think that OCCII, Vrankrijk, Vondelbunker and OT301 have a vanguard role, they seem to be in the margins of culture, the locations where new things can take place.”

Photos of: Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso – Alec K Redfearn – Big Eyes – Big Eyes – Blue Void – Claptrap – Crowds – Dracula Lewis – Hard Skin – Lydia Lunch – Mineral Beings – RaaskalBOMfukkerZ – Terzij De Horde – Windhand -Yokocola