Podcast Episode: R’OCCii RADiO PATAPOE FRiDAY, 13 NOV, 2020


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01. Marshall Allen & Jeffrey Callaway. From the Sun Ra Appreciation Society FaceBoook Group; Sharing a moment with his 96 years uncle, Marshall Allen as he plays his custom made Kora. He’s creating sounds & tones designed for Mental, Spiritual, and Physical “Healing.”
02. John Cage – Credo In US (Part I & !!) (Vinyl, 7″, Dolor Del Estamago, CASA 1, Unofficial Release)
Instruments include gongs, tin cans, tom-toms, electric buzzer, piano and radio/phonograph. If the latter, Cage suggested discs by Beethoven, Dvorak, Sibelius or Shostakovitch. He noted that if a radio is used, the player should “avoid news programs during national or international emergencies.”
Written in 1942 after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Credo In US is rather explicitly a wartime piece, and as David Revill points out, “the US in ‘Credo’ concerns not just the first person plural, but also the United States.”
With William Winant, Ward Spangler, Daniel Kennedy, Julie Steinberg, Steed Cowart, John Cage. Originally written for Merce Cunningham.
The recording date is unknown.
03. The Work – I Hate Amercia (Woof Records, 1981)
04. Carl The Barber – Authentic Field Recording (Label: I Don’t Feel A Thing, 7″, Limited Edition, 2003)
A split 7-inch devoted to Mesa, AZ barber Carl Wellman. Side A has an instrumental cut by Sun City Girls. Side B is a field recording of Carl cutting hair and philosophizing.
05. Bobbejaan Schoepen – Cafe Zonder Bier (A Pub With No Beer, 1959)
06. Mainpal Inv. – Carlsberg (Picture Disc; Carlsberg logo, plain sealed PVC sleeve and code, 2000)
07. CULTURCiDE – Live In Antwerp: Untitled #1 & Untitled #2 (Caroliner / Culturcide – Split, Birdman Records, 1998)
Caroliner’s side of the cover is hand painted. The Culturcide side was recorded live in Antwerp, July 16, 1998.
Back cover: ‘Collector’s Item!!! First 250,000 Pressed on Black Vinyl’
08. Het Pandorra Ensemble – kant 1b: Door Mekaar + Kanon Pittorresk (dolf planteijdt, Disaster Electronics (D.E.I.), 1978)
Recorded at the spare room of Heimo and Isa, Eexterveen (Drente) on 4-track.
Een meesterloos produktie
“Wat niet hoort maar luistert”
This LP came with Gramschap #10
09. Antoine Molaire Et L’Ensemble Pandorra – Le Déserteur (E.P. Rayé, Vinyl, 7″, EP, Compilation, 1991)
10. Bene Gesserit – Les Vacances Au Bord De La Mer (Le Ciel Est Blue) (E.P. Rayé, Vinyl, 7″, EP, Compilation, 1991)
11. Sofia Jernberg & Christof Kurzmann – Song For Beggars (Trost Jukebox Series #2, Lyrics By – Joe McPhee, 2014)

12. Sonny Simmons – Seven Dances Of Salami (Arhoolie Records, 1969)
13. Aksak Maboul – Figures Tout A Une Fin (Crammed Discs, 2020)
14. Dark Revolution Collective – Dark Revolution (Qbico – QBICO 01)
Percussion [Handmade], Synthesizer – Makoto Kawabata & Percussion [Handmade] – Yasuo Iwaki, Tetsushi Kawagishi.
Recorded at the Dark Store Room, Nara in 1978. Originally released on cassette on the R.E.P. (Revolutionary Extrication Project) label in the 80’s, then reissued in 2000 as part of the 10CDr set Early Works 1978-1981 : Learning From The Past. ()
15. Izvir – Oblak (RTV Ljubljana – LD 0377, 1978)
16. The Rebel – Live AIDS (B Side) (Kanker Mongool – mongool-001, Artwork – Seripop)
Limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies on translucent gold vinyl. Comes in a screenprinted 10″ x 7″ fold-out sleeve. Recorded live and dubbed over early 2007.
17. Fat Worm Of Error – ###############S (Ultra Eczema 24, Artwork – Dennis Tyfus, 2006)
Limited Edition, Vinyl 7″. Comes in an oversized trapezoid stencil printed cover with insert.
18. Jaap Blonk Leest Theo Van Doesburg – Voorbijtrekkende Troep (het balanseer – bal07. Lyrics By – Theo Van Doesburg)
Deze opnames zijn verschenen naar aanleiding van de tentoonstelling Theo van Doesburg. Een nieuwe kijk op leven, kunst en technologie, in BOZAR van 26 februari tot 29 mei 2016. Limited hand-numbered edition of 300 copies. Comes with 8 page booklet.
19. P Wits – Rocks (Knotwilg, Brussel, Independent Woman Records, New Zealand, 2020)
Edition of 150 with newsprint insert
20. Goodiepal / Jessica Rylan – Untitled (Big Mag #1: Symmetry, Vinyl, Limited Edition, Picture Disc, Drop Of Blood Records, DE PLAYER Rotterdam, 2007)
12” vinyl picture disc: soundcontributions of GOODIEPAL (dk) and JESSICA RYLAN (us) and image on vinyl by JOEP VAN LIEFLAND (nl) and JANI HORVONEN (sf).
A1 poster by HEIN DINGEMANS (nl) with at the back some history of DE PLAYER / DSPS and contributions by MELTED MEN (nl/us), COSTES (fr) and INOX KAPELL. (de)
28 pages full-color book of 30 x 30 cm contains images and articles of KEREN CYTTER (il), JIM XENTOS (uk), BART PLANTENGA (us/nl), GODFRIED WILLEM RAES (b), MARIA MOULIN (nl), LUKAS SIMONIS (nl), FERLET GREPEN (za), MARC VAN ELBURG (nl), GOODIEPAL (dk), JESSICA RYLAN (us), STU MEAD (us/de), GHAZI BARAKAT (de) and more.
21. LEO CUYPERS – Couperin (Heavy Days Are Here Again, BVHAAST 037)
Bass – Arjen Gorter, Drums, Soprano Saxophone, Trombone – Han Bennink, Piano – Leo Cuypers, Saxophone, Clarinet – Willem Breuker. Recorded June 12, 1981, MCR Studio , Amersfoort, Holland.
22. Marilyn Mazur’s Shamania – Chaas (Shamania, RareNoise Records, 2019)
Composed By – Marilyn MazurSoloist, Bass – Ellen Andrea Wang, Keyboards – Makiko Hirabayashi, Percussion – Lisbeth Diers, Saxophone – Lotte Anker, Saxophone, Vocals – Sissel Vera Pettersen, Trombone – Lis Wessberg, Trumpet, Goat Horn – Hildegunn Øiseth, Vocals, Percussion – Josefine Cronholm.
23. Tuxedomoon – Bonjour Tristesse (Holy Wars, Cramboy, 1985)
24. Wondeur Brass – L’Heure Des Louves (Rē Records Quarterly Vol. 1 No. 4, 1986)
Words By – Danielle Roger, Alto Saxophone – Joane Hétu, Bass – Judith Gruber-Stitzer, Drums – Danielle Roger, Synthesizer – Diane Labrosse, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals – Ginette Bergeron
Comes in silk screened jacket, includes 56-page A4 magazine.
25. Lindsay Cooper, Chris Cutler, Bill Gilonis, Tim Hodgkinson & Robert Wyatt – In The Dark Year (Various – The Last Nightingale, Vinyl, Limited Edition, Rē Records – Rē 1984).
Limited to 2500 copies, pressed to raise money for UK Coal Miners during the Strike of 1984.
26. Thee Cormans – The Number Six (Halloween Record W/ Sound Effects, In The Red Recordings, Limited Edition, Mono, Orange, 2011)
27. Door Mekaar – Alweer Terug Van Troje (LP, Mini-Album, Gramschap – 22/23, 1981)

“Eindelijk! De Door Mekaar Demo’s”. Een Meesterloos produktie. Recorded At Joke’s Koeien verhuurbedrijf in 1978. Comes with a pink coloured inlay with lyrics and credits. This LP came as Gramschap 22/23 + inserts. Side A runs at 45 r.p.m. / Side B runs at 33 ⅓ r.p.m.

28. Dull Schicksal – Rainsong ( Lukas Simonis, Bart Vos, Erna pruym, Frans Friederich, gueststar: Koop Hoffman, Producer: Dolf Planteijdt, 1989)
29. Various – Carry On Rioting: A1. Faggot. – It Gets Worse, A1a. Occult Hand – Interlude I, A2. Fulhäst – Riot On 1655 N Cherokee Avenue (Tuff Enuff, Riots Not Diets Compilation Series #2, 2013). A compilation featuring bands that played during the second year of Riots Not Diets events in Brighton. Translucent green vinyl, 500 copies, two inserts, download code.
30. Ton Lebbink – Donker Is De Kalverstraat (Voetbalknieën, 7″, Ariola, 1982)
31. Gronge – Radio + Sipario (Fase Di Rigetto, Not On Label (Gronge Self-released), Limited edition 1000 copies, 1986)
32. Telectu – Dr. Bloodmoney (Golden Pavilion Records, Reissue, Portugal 2019)
Packaged in a single jacket with 6-page trifold booklet, color LP sleeve and hype sticker affixed to the front of the shrink wrap.
33. Sylvester Anvang II – Offerbloed Van De Maansekte (Aurora Borealis, 2008)
Mmebers: Bart De Paepe, Ernesto Gonzalez, Glen Steenkiste, Tommy Denys, Willem Moorthamers.
Heavy weight black vinyl in paper inner with wraparound black and white cover, hand numbered, in poly bag. Limited edition of 500 copies.

34. Odongo & The Spirits – Black Man (Part 1) (SMA Records, 1987)
35. FRAK – A. Live At Club 4 Reel, OCCII, Amsterdam (2xCass, Ltd)
36. FRAK – Selfcontrol Via Synthesizer ( Early Grey, Djuring Phonogram/Börft Records, 2020)
37. FRAK – B. Live At Club 4 Reel, OCCII, Amsterdam (2xCass, Ltd)
Ltd Edition Of 100. There Will Be No Repress. Recorded Live At Club 4 Reel, OCCII, Amsterdam, 21 September, 2012.
Coloured cassettes with hand printed cover, insert and additional ‘Pump It Up’ sticker.
*This release was produced with kind permission from the artists…4 Reel.*