WINDOW EXPOW! “Rock on in the Future” by Maia🔥Matches & Gees Voorhees

Legs for days! 
Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster was originally commissioned for the exhibition The Many Faces of Frankenstein at 37PK gallery during the Haarlem Stripdagen 2018. Cut from popular triplex, painted with acrylic paint with a top coat of mat varnish (suitable for outdoors!).
Before the middle incision, my monster measured at 3 meter tall, now cut to size they measure at approx. 150 cm tall x 88 cm wide (base). Installation includes 2 pink splatters also made of the same wood, with a velcro backing.
For a lousy 500 EUR you can own Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster’s Legs + splatters! 40% of the proceeds will go straight to the OCCII for promotion, materials and equipment so we can keep rocking in the free world!! OCCII must stay forever, and yes – you can write that on my tombstone.
Be a part of the crowd!
This pvc banner measures 147 x 88 cm and is filled with full colour portraits drawn by me.
The price of the banner is 200 EUR and 40% of the proceeds will go to OCCII – in hopes that they will soon have a flesh and blood version again! The other 60% will be donated to Stichting Vluchteling because they are forced to be in a crowd, even when they shouldn’t be due to covid-19 spreading in the camps. If you decide to buy this banner, I will order a fresh one (without pinholes).
Some of these portraits were used in other projects and others were made for a personal reason. In light of our new 1,5 m society, I thought: being part of a crowd is something we can only dream of for a while, so why not pretend and put all these people together forming a swanky backdrop?