Friday, April 28, 2023   
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20.30
Damage: €10 (rsvp) | €12,50 (door)

Escape-ism is the Found-Sound-Dream-Drama starring Ian Svenonius & Alexandra.

Rock ‘n Roll revolutionary and punk veteran Ian Svenonius is back in town. The mythical performer, author, and filmmaker is currently taking the world by storm with his duo project Escape-Ism. Carrying only a guitar, microphone, an analogue-sounding drum machine and tape deck, Escape-Ism reinvents rock ’n’ roll the same way the jet engine reinvented travel; ripping up the stage to tiny, little bits.

Ian Svenonius is a Washington, DC-based vocalist who has fronted a number of bands throughout the 1990s and 2000s and has released solo albums under the aliases David Candy and Escape-Ism. Ian is also a writer, penning the lengthy liner notes that usually accompany his bands’ releases and publishing a NEW book; “Against the Written Word: Toward a Universal Illiteracy.” (01/03/2023, akashic book).

Svenonius hasn’t written a basic ‘How to Make It in the Music Business’ book. Rather, the writer, online talk show host and, most important, singer in a series of breathtaking rock ‘n’ roll bands (Nation of Ulysses, the Make-Up, Chain & the Gang), is drawing a line in the sand and doing so with what he hopes will finally define the undefinable.”

— Los Angeles Times

‘Against the Written Word’ is the most important, most revolutionary book produced since the advent of the printing press; the book that will liberate readers from reading, writers from writing, and booksellers from peddling their despicable wares. This book ushers in a new era of freedom from reading and all its attendant bedfellows such as Enlightenment thinking and the mass alienation wrought by the phonetic alphabet. ‘Against the Written Word’ will be a tremendous best seller and simultaneously the last book that anyone will read.

With nineteen essays ripping, shredding, tearing apart all the bugaboos that haunt humanity nowadays, ‘Against the Written Word’ is a must-read for any aspiring radical or would-be gnostic who has a penchant for words, thought, clothes, intoxicants, music, art, expression, etc. The work is presented in a range of writing: essays, screenplays, lectures, sci-fi stories, and manifestos, with topics that include “the rise of incorporated man,” “tourism as the neoliberal mode of military occupation,” a workshop on songwriting for the purpose of suggestion and mind control, and many more.

Laura Kampman “ I make soundcollages from phonerecordings. My live set-up consists of a mixer and 4 phones, the atmosphere is very intimate, surprising and slightly humorous. I play a variety of recordings of surroundings, conversations, bits of instrumentals or songs, a snoring cat etc etc.”

Citrux and Just Regards bring an eclectic mix with lots of room for post punk and experiment, aiming to inspire you to dance off your koningsdag hangover, nourish it at the bar, or start a revolution. Long live the republic!

Poster design by: Marlotte Nugteren

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