Anarchist Film Night with CrimethInc: ‘WE ARE NOW’ + ‘POST CHILE’

Friday, July 23, 2021   
Anarchist Group Amsterdam – Vrije bond
Doors open: 20:00
Showtime: 20:30 - 22:00
Damage: Free | Donation

Anarchist Film Night with CrimethInc.

Two short documentaries will be screened:

WE ARE NOW (20 min. 2021. English with English subtitles)

In the middle of the George Floyd rebellion, Atlanta police kill yet another black man minding his business. Demonstrators–angry, mournful,and hyped–burn it down in his memory and establish a peace center.

POST CHILE (30 min. 2019-2020. English with Spanish language content)

Persecuted and ridiculed, a high-school student movement starts an insurrection that wins a new constitution for Chile, but what was lost for a new constitution was a high price to pay. Donations will be received for political prisoners!

COVID considerations: doors will open at 20.00 and there’s a limited forum of 25 people. First showing up, first in. Face mask usage is advised.

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